Summah, Summah, Summah Time!

Well, Babyhead is out of school. We managed to make it the first week. I wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be, but worse than I had hoped. Podling still gets up at 7:30am so no too late sleeping for me! The pool here isn’t open yet, next week it will be. I look forward to trying to get the little monkeys in the pool going swimming. Last year was a disaster going to the pool by myself, I hope this year I can manage.

I have let Babyhead have this week off, but I think we need to start him reading again so he doesn’t get out of the habit. Trying to think of new educational things to do over the summer. The school actually sent home ton of worksheets for the summer but I am not sure I want him to feel like he is in school.

Oh, we got new hermit crabs. I wanted something BH could actually interact with more so than the fish. Unfortunately, and typical of 6yr olds, he didn’t listen to our directions and got pinched. Lesson learned. I tried to explain that they are animals just like we are and that we seem to be giant monsters going to eat them. Of course they are going to pinch if you poke at them. Then he began to ask questions such as, “Will hermit crabs pinch birds? What else will they pinch?

Somehow this week we got on the topic of where babies come from. Actually he asks if all things lay eggs, so I have to say no, that sometimes eggs stay in a mom’s body and babies grow there. Then he asks if dogs lay eggs, cats lay eggs, etc. Thankfully so far he hasn’t asked anything else. Maybe I can be let off the hook for a little while longer…



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  1. 7.30am? Bliss! That would be a long lie-in for us – Xan’s an early riser, usually around 6.15am these days – LOL!

    On the homework thing, you could always do a deal with him – he does one each day till they’re finished and has the rest of each day for fun stuff, or he does a bunch of them one day a week (I suspect he’ll go for the one a day option – they’ll be done faster than he thinks – we used to do that when we had our summer holidays).

    We always used to do “projects” during the summer. One wek it might be fish and we’d go to an aquarium and the beach to look at rock pools. Another week it might be animals and we’d go to a zoo and a model farm. Another time it might be plants and we’d go for woodland and park walks. We’d collect stuff to stick in our project books, like leaves, pressed flowers, postcards and magazine pictures of animals. It was great fun.

    on the babies question, Xan has already started asking as several of his friends either have or are expecting younger siblnigs. He keeps asking me when I’ll have a baby in MY tummy…

    • Babyhead use to be early too…then started getting later and later. Xan seems to be like him in most respects so you will catch a break soon if the pattern holds. 🙂

      I think I am going to get him to work on some of the stuff while we are on Vaca…kinda like “ooo…show Beepaw how you add” or “Ooo…show Granny E how you read!” Then I will ramp it up more when we get closer to the school year to get him refreshed for 1st grade.

      He did ask to go to an art museum so I am going to do some research and see what is around. I also thought of a nature journal…

      LOL about the babies! He never asked me those questions when I was preggo with Podling…but he was kinda young and just took it as gospel I think. Though he does talk about when he or she was in my belly. He actually freaks me out sometimes talking about “remember when…” but it has nothing to do with me or us…like “remember when our house was on fire….” ?????