7 Days

It is almost over. Early mornings, reading late at night. The school year is drawing to a close for Babyhead. His teacher said he is ready to move on to the big 1 next year.

Of course, as per our usual style, we are planning a party for him. He has worked hard and learned a lot this year and we feel it deserves to be recognized. They aren’t having a “graduation” at school, which I think is sad. I emailed his teacher and she said the K teachers got together years ago and decided against a formal celebration since the kids just move down the hall. I don’t feel that is right. They expect more and more out of these kids and many of them have learned a tremendous amount in such a short time…it really should be acknowledged.

My Babyhead is growing up. Before I know it he will be off to college and not need me anymore.


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