Garden Jawa

I love Think Geek. They have the coolest stuff. So, when MIL gave me a gift card I thought, “Hmm…I COULD get something I needed…or I could just get something I WANTED. Guess which one I went for:

Garden Jawa
“Garden Jawa says, “Aaaeeeee”.

I have yet to put Garden Jawa in the flower garden mainly because I haven’t planted the garden yet. I look forward to hiding him among the flowers though!

And to prove Think Geek is totally awesome, they even gave me Free Monkey Breath:

Wonder if anyone will get the reference...

""This bag is green because it's recyclable and biodegradable, not because it is made of people."

Can anyone name the reference?



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3 responses to “Garden Jawa

  1. Oh, and I LOVE your Garden Jawa, btw – absolutely fantastic! 🙂

  2. Reference to Soylent Green? LOL!