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It’s early…but sometimes you get lucky. Doing my daily news roundup while waiting for the Babyhead to get ready for school, I came across this article talking about sexualized toys…then reading the comments someone said exactly what I thought when I first saw one of the toys:

Daddy Files says:

Wait…who’s afraid of boobs???

I’m all for breastfeeding. La Leche to the max! Yay boob milk. But a little girl pretending to breastfeed with the sucking noises and flowery nipples? It’s a little weird. People argue that it’s natural. I agree. But so is sex and making that baby. That doesn’t mean little boys and girls should engage in simulated dry humping to mirror the act of conceiving a baby. I think what Cole was getting at is it’s a matter of being age appropriate, or inappropriate as the case may be.

That having been said, I kind of liked the “Boob Man” onesie.

Emphasis mine.

Yea…I agree. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean young kids need to be simulating it.


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