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I read a lot of new articles on the internet. I spend a great deal of time daily reading them just to have some kind of cursory information of what is going on in the world. I hate the comments though. Let’s face it, a great many of the people that comment on news articles (Lookin’ at you, Yahoo! !!!) are just trolls, or ignorant, or both.

With that said…I will say that occasionally someone posts a comments that makes me laugh or has me shaking my head in agreement or presents a view of something that I haven’t seen before.

Here is one of those comments from today that I totally ❤ :

Like it says on my favorite bumper sticker: Get your laws out of my body!!!

The debate about when life begins vis a vis sperm connecting with egg is a false argument. Life began more than a billion years ago and everything alive today is an offspring of that beginning. I am just a continuation of my ancestor’s procreational efforts. The anti abortion argument that life begins at fertilization is based on the assumption that the egg and the sperm are not alive. They are alive, and if the argument is taken to the proper end (or extreme in this case), than we should force all women to collect all of their eggs and men to collect all of their sperm that doesn’t hit its mark, and hand them over to some government reproductive organization that will then be responsible for creating new babies from these. Instead of just god getting irate a la Monty Python, make it illegal to spill a drop of sperm (because those are future babies – well, potentially).   –Matt G

Link to the article here.

Thanks, Matt. G.- I am totally gonna use that one.


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