Because I post too many links on facebook…

I have been meaning to do this for a while…just write a blog post with all the stuff I find interesting in a week/day whatever.  I tend to spam facebook with all this stuff and I thought that maybe if I stuck them all in one place then people wouldn’t get mad because they have to scroll though a ton of links…or that FB won’t hide all my links that someone may want to see. So…here is my first daily link dump!

  • Charm City Cakes’ Geeky Cakes for Two
    Apparently Charm City Cakes realized their cakes are waay out of most people’s price range and started a line of “Cakes for Two” that actually feed about 15 people…but they are still $250 a piece!  Geeks are sexy have posted a few pictures of some of their cool cakes from the line though.


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  1. It’s funny, I never considered 2,684 years ago to be “pre-historic” as I’m pretty certain there are Roman and Greek records from around then. When I read “pre-historic” I thought more like 10,000 years ago – LOL!