Women & Men

Just a silly thing, maybe…but something I couldn’t help but notice something on the front page of MSN:

Their For Her section:

MSN's For Her headlines
  • Because we need to know what our guys eating habits means in relation to us.
  • Because what we look like is super important.
  • Because that’s what all moms really care about.
  • Because what we look like is so important we need to do something about it ALL THE TIME.
  • Because we need a man.

Their For Him section:

Lots of mail grunting.

  • Because men are the only ones that this pertains to.
  • Because only men drive cars or care about them.
  • Because only men are smart enough to understand this.
  • Because cars are all men think about.
  • Because only men listen/care about Van Halen’s guitar.
  • Because men want to only meet CUTE single women.

Ok, maybe I am being nitpicky…but this is the kind of subliminal message that we (men and women) are getting daily to reinforce stereotypes.  Think about it for a minute.



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4 responses to “Women & Men

  1. It is sad that stereotypes are so common in media. The men in sitcoms are often funny, immature, and incapable of intelligent communication.

  2. It’s prtty ridiculous, really. Sad, but the stereotypes are used everywhere. Funnily enough, though, I’d be more interested ni the guys’ articles – especially the one about the guitar – LOL! Not bothered about meeting singles, cute or otherwise, however. 😉