Build Your Own Romance Novel

Greetings blogworld!  I know I have been away and I have really really been trying very hard to find time/topics to blog.  I have decided to try some simple things every week like Tuney Tuesdays.  I don’t know how long I can carry it on…but it is worth trying, right?

However, today I actually have a REAL topic.  A few weeks ago I came across a website called Books By You.  Basically, they are customizable books.  There is a selection of pre-made stories and you plug in certain details like your name, friend’s name, etc. then they print the book for you.  There is a romance section, a kids section, a teen section and a mystery section.  All you do is choose the story and plug in the details.  They are smallish books, about the size of some of those silly ones you get in the grocery store.  There are a few fantasy type stories as well as some that are more “real world” types stories.

The coolest part about the website is they have excerpts where you can plug in some basic names and you can actually preview the story with the names you chose.  This feature is what got me and a friend of mine started.  I think we went through all the books plugging in our names just for the preview of the story.  Then we decided to get books for each others birthday (early birthday, I might add).

I just got my book the other day (at right is the one she picked for me) and I have to say that while the story could have been written better, it was actually entertaining.  Once you get over the jarring effect of seeing your name and others that you know in the book, it was very pleasing to read.  The story seemed rushed, but over all it was a good story so I can’t complain about that.  I have actually read worse.

There is magic and mayhem and the main characters are me and DH, so of course being a romance novel we end up in bed together at some point.  There is a jewel that is stolen and Me, my friend, DH and his friend are out to find it or it is the end of the world.  The Author rushed the romance part, I think, and she could have slowed it down and offered more details about the story itself.  However, I am also one of those rare souls that is more interested in the story aspect than anything else.  Over all it was a good, light read.  I would totally recommend this to other people, especially if the person you are buying for is an avid reader in any of these genres.  It is a very unique and truly personalized gift.

I am actually considering getting Babyhead and even Podling one at a later time when they can actually and enjoy it…


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