A Hallows Blessing

To those whose feet are stilled,
And those who laugh with us no more,
To you we say,our love was with you here
And goes with you now..to that place
Where you rest and take delight.
May you walk along the coffin paths
To that place where all is fresh and green,
Where lovers, friends and ancestors wait
with open arms to greet you..

Go in peace ,and with our blessings,
Or remain awhile, this eve, with us,
The living and life and hearth and love…

Be rested amongst your own, this eve,
This one night, this Samhain.
With countless turns of the wheel
We miss you, be near us this eve,
We pray ever for you…

And we will meet again, once more
When the wheel turns for us,
Pray be there to greet us, in that place
We will walk the coffin paths together
And bide awhile with kin and hearth .
Until that time be near us,
Our kinsmen,
Our guardians,
Our ancestors,
Our beloved dead.


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