Black Bean Burgers

Our last vegetarian meal experiment was Southwestern Black Bean Burgers.  I have to note here that somehow I forgot some important ingredients such as bread crumbs (I couldn’t make my own, we don’t eat white bread and not sure if whole wheat would work) and the hot pepper sauce.  We had to improvise a little with cracker crumbs and just omit the red pepper sauce.

Even with that, they weren’t too bad.  But, I like beans anyway.  Instead of putting them ON the pitas we sliced them open and put the stuff IN the pitas.  Dh had the salsa on his, I didn’t have that.  We also omitted the lettuce and just put a big ‘ole slice of tomato on there.  To be honest it was like a bean burrito.

We are going to try again another day with the correct ingredients.  Maybe the next time will work out better and I can remember the ingredients at the store.  The only real issue I had was they didn’t want to cook like burgers…the directions called for flipping them over and they didn’t.  I can only assume it has something to do with not using bread crumbs, but that is only speculation.  Will let you know the next time we try it if I can get them to flip!


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  1. They look tasty, anyway. 🙂