If I could get a honest answer, what would I ask?

This is a tricksy question since most of the time I really don’t care. I could say that I would ask why my son is always throwing fits, but I have a good idea of that. Or ask why my daughter refuses to eat most of the time. That might be a good one.

There are many, many questions regarding my family…I don’t even think I could post them all in a day. It seems my childhood memories aren’t meshing well at all with the reality and the memories of others.

However, I think the most important questions would be posed to my mother. Why does she feel the need to lie about and to us girls? Why does she act the way she does towards us but act different for everyone else? Why can’t she take responsibility for her actions?

That is what I would really like to know, and more…but I know I will never get an honest response and so I don’t bother.

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