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While doing my usual daily news summary check, I came across an article about Elian Gonzalez and his life now.  If you don’t remember, Elian was found floating off the coast of Florida after his mom tried to come to America from Cuba.  There was a big stink about where he belonged and the US Federal Gov’t decided he belonged with his dad in Cuba.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the issue.  While Americans believe that everyone has a right to be “free”, I think many people forgot that he had a father.  Yes, that father lived in Cuba…but taking him away from his dad after his mother already died, I think, is an injustice.  Yea, Cuba is communist.  Still, I think it is the right thing that he was returned to his dad.  Now, I don’t think how the US Gov’t handled it was right…but that is a different story.  We all know that Gov’ts often act before they think.

Think about it.  If your spouse died you would expect custody of your child.  How right is it that extended family can try and get custody just because a mother or father died?  Yes, his mother was trying to escape Cuba.  Does that mean that his dad automatically loses custody of his son?

I would like to remind you that we aren’t talking about “a better life in America” we are talking about families.  For some in Cuba I am sure they think their life isn’t so bad.  Just like those in other countries that we Americans think is just aweful.  That isn’t even to mention that many MANY American’s hate immigrants, especially illegal ones.  Would his life really been so much better other than being in a democratic society other than a communist one?  Maybe it had the potential to be perhaps.  But, there is no way to really know that.

Again, we are talking about taking a boy away from his father, NOT which country is better.  Think about the Goldman case.  His mother took him to Brazil, remarried and died giving birth to a daughter.  Everyone thought that the boy belonged with his father and that even though his mother’s family lived in Brazil, he still belonged here. Why would it be any different for Elian?

Elian is now grown up.  A teenager.  He has obviously grown well.  Maybe it is time to just be happy that he is well and looks to be adjusted and content instead of digging up old arguments about what he is a symbol of.

My last thought is this….there are lots and lots of boys like Elian…whose parents come to America for a better life.  Why is he so different from the others?  You can’t have it both ways…you either want them [immigrants] to have a better life, or you want them out.

Pick one.


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