Even my son noticed

DH: “So this is our club?”

Babyhead: “Yea.  We are missing something.”

DH: “We’re missing mommy.”

Babyhead: “No, Mommy is too old.”

DH: “Mommy is too old?”

Babyhead: “Yea”




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3 responses to “Even my son noticed

  1. Oh man! THat’s gotta hurt! I’m just waiting for the day Xan comes out with , “Mummy, you’re ANCIENT!”

  2. LOL, kids do indeed say the darndest things!

    Chin up, Sandy, and look at the bright side: compared to me, you’re still a youngster. 🙂

    • LOL True…but that is the first time my son called me Old…I had already been feeling it when I watch TV and see “anti-aging” commercials and think, “wow, maybe I need that…”