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While reading my Google Reader I came across a post on Feministing…I like Feministing as every now and again they list new articles regarding feminism and civil rights gay/lesbian/bi/trans news etc. etc.

On said post I saw it took you to the Huffington Post about the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…while the clip it showed was funny, one of the comments nearly had me falling out of my chair…partly out of the humor of it…and partly of the sadness of it truth of it:



. it’s the buttsecks that bothers them. For reals. They don’t mind women. That’s all good and right, or at least, it’s no big deal. But let them think for ONE SECOND that some dude might say their no meant yes, and they lose their minds. What’s weird is how they act like they aren’t aware that these same dudes they’re so scared of have already been there serving with them all this time. Staring at them. While they slept. While they showered. While they huddled in the freezing cold struggling to fight the arousal! ZOMG!

Yes, I found it humorous…but I did find it sad. It because it is true. It is ok to rape women, because after all we are lesser. But…if for one second a man thinks that another man might take the same liberties all hell breaks lose.  It’s the old “I can do it to you but no one can do it to me” mentality.

Cruise on over, watch the clip and read the comments.  It’s worth it.



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  1. Sandy and Kell – so true.
    An old Bulldagger told me that when she served in WW2, everyone knew about the lesbians, who were discrete (don’t ask/old school) and no one said anything. Then, as soon as the war was ‘over’ all the lesbians were discharged immediately wherever they were. Many were stranded in Asia, Europe, and Africa. THEN the red cross wouldn’t even help them. The government doesn’t mind using us when it suits them.

  2. So, it’s OK for Gays to go off and get shot, so long as they don’t shoot off, is that about right? I cannot believe that the military is still so blinkered about homosexuals. Straight men in the military have been serving next to Gay men for as long as there has been a military – they just haven’t known about it because they haven’t been able to be open about it. They have also been serving nex to women for quite some time. Is there a threat that the men may think of the women as sexual objects? Or that the women may think if the men that way? What about the lesbians? What about the bisexuals? Sexuality has no bearing on ones ability to do any job, let alone serve ones country. The sooner the powers that be realise that, the better.

    • Hey Kell! I think I touched on my theory already…men (in general) see women as sexual objects and feel it is ok to look/grope/rape us when convenient for them. Many women in the US military not only have to deal with the stress of being in the military but also sexual harassment and assault from their fellow soldiers.

      With this in mind I think straight men are scared the gay men are going to see them in the same light as they view women…as sexual objects to be groped and raped as convenient for them. /sarcasm Because we all know that that is all gay men think about is raping and groping other men. /sarcasm

      But…as long as they didn’t know that the man next to them wasn’t gay they were ok because then they could pretend that all was well…the ole Ignorance is bliss ideal.

      People are always going to be afraid of what they don’t understand and combine that with male privilege to do whatever they want sexually…they are going to panic when they think that they may be on the receiving end.

  3. Here is an old post at “feministing” about war and rape:
    Y consider this to be one of the most important discussions Y have ever been part of online.

    You may have seen this video:

    For funny, yet NOT – gotta listen to this npr interview: