Let It Snow!

We got some snow over the weekend…though it isn’t “good” snow… ie you can’t make a snowball much less a snowman… We got quite a bit of it and we are also expecting more tomorrow.  Just wanted to share a few pictures!

Snow Drift

Snow Drift

Playing in the Snow



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4 responses to “Let It Snow!

  1. Crikey – we got a few inches of the stuff and the country ground to a halt. I hate to think what might happen if we actually got the amount of snow you guys get!

    • Really? I would think you guys would be prepared for snow…or do you not get a lot of snow? It is really only an issue here if it doesn’t stop snowing. There are parts farther north that pretty much stopped because it just kept snowing and kept snowing and they got like 6 feet or something of snow. They didn’t even have time to dig out from one snow storm before getting another one! Usually when it stops snowing they clean things off pretty quickly so we are lucky in that. Where my family lives down South though…they got about 4 inches give or take and the state pretty much ground to a halt there as well. LOL

  2. Snow is pretty, but I hate the cold weather.