These Dreams

As anyone that knows me…sometimes I can have (and remember) some really bizarre dreams.  Here are two that I remember from last night/this morning.

Dream 1

I was at my dad’s house but it wasn’t my dad’s…you know what I am talking about. Actually there were a bunch of trailers people were living out of in the yard and one little house out in the boonies where my dad really does live. Anyway.

I was in a trailer talking to some of the people there and they were talking about being afraid to go outside because of some serial murderer in the woods. Then they said that news reports later said it was a tiger, but they didn’t buy it. I look out the window and lo and behold there was a tiger chawing on something in the creek.

So I think…I need to get my camera! I go in the house and get my camera, turn around and the tiger is right there in the door. At this point I am thinking I am Tiger Chow and that I need to take pictures before it starts to eat me so they know it was a tiger that ate me.  I can even see in my mind’s eye the pictures that would be taken…it coming at me with mouth agape and claws extended…

THEN I think that maybe the flash might scare it of and I slowly turn the dial to flash and take a few pictures. It works, the tiger runs off..but not too far before my dad and a few other mens in overalls shoot the thing.

I get really sad that they had to kill the tiger and I start lamenting how we are destroying it’s habitat and that is why it started to come around people.  I say that this didn’t HAVE to happen. Please remember this is a DREAM so the fact that there are no native tigers in TN is irrelevant.

I go back in the house and I see two little tiger cubs in there that someone had found. People are saying to kill them and I start saying NOOOO! You need to call animal control and they will relocate them or send them to a Zoo or something. Then I pick one up and play with it and I start to cry because (not sure if anyone knew this) I have always loved tigers since I was a little girl and it was a dream come true (har har) to be able to play with one.  I even think there was some kind of music playing like what you see on TV…

After that the dream got weird and I woke up when Babyhead hopped in the bed.

Dream 2

After I went back to sleep I had a dream where I was in TN at the High School with a bunch of people I went to school with. I really don’t know who they were only that we went to school together except for Mike C. …he was there but not sure why I recognized him and not others. Anyway, I suggest we go to the bar across the street (is there a bar across from the school now? LOL) and everyone agrees that would be good as we could have a few drinks and eat and all that stuff.

Usual dream stuff ensue that I can’t really explain because it was weird…but it did involve a grill made out of a couch…and then we all went back to Mike’s house to hang out. It started to rain and the sky got really really dark. The clouds were all red looking and literally looked like pulsing blood vessels. One even looked like a pulsing heart. I ask what I *think* is supposed to be Mike’s mom if there were tornado reports and she said no…but everyone was out looking at the sky because it was so weird.

At some point DH calls and says he is on his way over but he is a little lost. Mike gives him better directions to the house and I go to the end of the street to meet him. He was unable to actually drive to the house so he had to park at the end of the road…I am unsure why.

So I take him back down the street to introduce him to everyone and all of a sudden everyone was turned into giant people sized lizards!!! They weren’t really coming after us but they kept coming up to us.  I got a folding table…unfolded the legs and used it as a kind of shield to push the lizards out of the way.

While we were trying to get away from the lizards a girl walks past us that was obviously turning into a lizard complaining that someone had to give her a hug and now how her tongue was like string cheese (I took that to mean long like a lizards). DH and I were standing on the sidewalk soaking wet from the rain and I kept asking him WTF are we going to do now…and then I woke up.

So…top that.



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2 responses to “These Dreams

  1. Wow, lol.

    I rarely have vivid dreams which I remember. When I do, they are almost always apocolyptic in nature, and I never forget them.

    So do you subscribe to the theory that dreams always have meaning and, if so, what do you think is the meaning of these particular dreams?

    • I don’t think all dreams have meanings…but many do. I can usually trace symbols in the dream directly to things going on in my life especially if I can remember it very well or it is recurring. I had some dreams a while back that were different but had a recurring theme and it scared me enough to seek out my therapist again to deal with some issues I was having.

      These dreams though…who knows. Maybe I ate one to many swiss rolls. LOL