Sometimes I Can’t Stop

So…as many may know I am all about body acceptance and the total fallacy of the “Obesity Epidemic”.  The BMI scale is junk (see related links below and yet that is what many people (see professionals) use as an indicator of health, even of infants.

While I do think that, as adults, people should be able to (mis)treat their body as they want without harm to anyone else…I do not think that people should be calling on strict action against “obese” (as defined by BMI) kids.  There is a such think as a kid being fat and then growing out of that fat.  I have also read (though I cannot find the links at this time) how malnutrition, even mild, can effect the development of a child’s body and brain.  This includes a higher fat intake for kids than for adults (since we are maintaining and kids are building…kids need a lot more than we do.

With all that said, I wish people would see the folly is labeling kids as “fat” or “obese” and claiming it is an “epidemic”.  Why?..because things like this happen:

Accused of starving their newborn daughter to the point of emaciation, a Bellevue couple now faces felony charges on allegations they were more worried about their infant’s appearance than her health.

In charging documents, King County prosecutors contend Brittainy and Samuel Labberton continued trying to force the child to lose weight months after the girl had been pulled from their home……

……Despite their claims, the girl thrived while hospitalized and immediately began putting on weight, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carol Spoor told the court. Told of her child’s progress, Brittainy Labberton was not pleased.

“Instead, Brittainy complained, ‘Oh my God she’s fat’ and ‘I have a fat baby,'” Spoor stated, recounting the December 2008 interview. “Brittainy insisted that (the girl) should be under the 50th percentile in weight, not over it.

“She indicated that her husband has a weight problem and she does not want her girls to be fat.”

“Brittainy expressed no remorse for not feeding the baby and admitted to hardly feeding (the infant) for many days,” Spoor said.

Quotes taken from this article.

Now, I realize that many people would want to string up the parents.  The article also mentions mental illness and I do agree this is an extreme case.  However, that doesn’t mean that children all over America and the world are being denied proper nutrition for fear of their children becoming “obese”.  It just may not be enough to alert authorities of neglect or abuse.

I also have to say I really do feel for the parents.  They feel they are doing right by their kids.  If they have had weight problems in the past, real or perceived, then they want to make sure that their children aren’t going to go through all the stress/bullying/low self-esteem they went through.  Not that they didn’t want fat kids, per se…but because deep inside they knew how society feels about fat and projected their own body issues onto their kids in a hope to make them happier.

Stop talking about “teh fatz”.  Stop talking about “the obesity epidemic”.  Stop talking about “childhood obesity”.  These are issues best left to be delt with by drs and parents…not by legislature or insurance companies.

It IS possible to be FAT and HEALTHY just like it is possible to be THIN and SICK.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  I would rather my kids be fat and happy and live until they are 40 or 50 then have an eating disorder and die at 16 from malnutrition or cardiac arrest.


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Thanks to the F-Word for bringing this to my attention!



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  1. I completely agree – I’d rather have my kids carry a bit of extra weight than be anorexic! I want my kids to be able to enjoy food without thinking, “I’m going to have to throw this up afterwards or it’ll just stick to my thighs!”