To Joseph Siambrello

Dear Sir,

I am writing this in a hope to appeal to your better nature.  Please stop using my phone number as your own.  It is bad enough that you are using our number, but when we start getting collection calls for you it is a little much considering we have no clue who you are.

I understand that many times you may need a phone number, but did it ever occur to you that the number you are using is someone else’s and not just some random number that popped in your head? If you did know, I am curious as to why you thought it was ok to use someone else’s number.  Maybe you thought that since you didn’t know us that it was ok since you would not be the one bothered.  However, it is still lying and in the long run you are the one that will have to deal with the consequences one day.  If you are a Christian, doesn’t your Bible state that lying is wrong in your commandments?  If not, well then I would hope that morally you would see the wrong in it as I am sure you would be upset if someone did the same to you.

When your business accounts go to collections and they call us, often times it wakes my baby out of her nap time with the phone ringing.  Also, the collections never stop calling so simply ignoring the calls is not an option.  Many times it also takes me weeks to convince the collections agency that this is, in fact, not your number.  This is more than just a minor annoyance.  It is also inconvenient as I have to take time out of my day to call each and every agency back to let them know that this is, in fact, not your number and that we have no clue who you are and we have had this number for many years.

My husband has had this number for many years before I met him and we have been together for almost 9 years and ever since I have been with him you have used this number as your own.  After calling the phone company I realized that this number had not be issued to anyone before my husband, so  you cannot use the excuse that it used to be your number.  Even so, you should have called all your business contacts and let them know of the change a long time ago.

Recently, I have been getting calls from American  Express.  I do not know if you have had this account for a while or if you just opened it…but again, I do not appreciate nor am I sympathetic to you using our phone number.  I have had to call them twice to let them know that you used the wrong number for their account since when they call (as with most collections) it was automated and I have to take time out of my day to call them back.

While I do not agree with lying about anything, the least you could do is use an old payphone number instead of someone’s home number as your own.  At least then no one would be woken up out of a sleep due to you not paying your bills.

In closing, I would like to recommend stop opening credit accounts or getting loans if you are unable to pay them.  I realize that maybe you feel like you need to in order to support your family or maybe you are stuck in a materialistic mindset.  However, racking up this much debt will only hurt you in the long run.  Whatever money or material things you get from these business transactions is fleeting at best.  The money will go quickly and if you are doing this for nefarious purposes you will eventually be caught or at the very least live in fear of being caught.  That can in no way be a quality life.

So, please Mr. Siambrello.  Stop using our phone number.  Think of how you would like it if someone used your phone number like you have used ours.



– owner of the phone number you have been using.



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8 responses to “To Joseph Siambrello

  1. Check your myspace inbox, I suspect I’ve found him.

    • LOL Leave it to Elfs mom to find him for me! I wasn’t sure how to spell his name since I can only hear it on the phone. I am really not sure what I can do about it other than ask him to stop using my number. We did talk about changing our number, but he has had this number for so long that we really don’t want to go through and change everything.

      That is why I put his name as the tags though…in case anyone else was looking for his name, even with an S if someone only knows what it sounds like they would find this post.

      At first I used to think it was just a person down on his luck and had bills and just gave a # he could think of…then after this last AmEx call I thought that maybe he was a scammer…not sure what I could do about that either…I just hate having his creditors call me. I haven’t had a collections call in a while (well, we did have some after Podling was born, but only because we couldn’t pay all the hospital bills when they wanted)…so it is doubly annoying when we have our bills in order and I get calls for someone else’s bills.

  2. PS: I bet his last name is spelled Ciambrello. The only Google hit with an S is this, but there are lots of them with a C.

    Let me know if you need help tracking him down.

  3. Hiya, Sandy. So sorry to hear about this. I’ve gotten calls of that nature before, but I have far less patience than you with that kind of nonsense. Add sleeping babies to the equation (which luckily I have not had for decades), and I’d have been out for blood nine years and 364 days ago, LOL.

    It certainly sounds, from your description, that Mr. Joseph Siambrello is a scammer. Running up account after account, year after year, with false information followed by nonpayment is a sure sign that he never had any intention of paying.

    Have you tried to track him down? If he’s using your number for that long, statistically speaking, he is in your area.

  4. I’ve strangely all of a sudden started getting lots of collection calls for five different people! We’ve had the number for over a year and never got the calls, so I’m not sure why it suddenly started. Fortunately, they haven’t called at weird times (yet) and the collectors have actually been very polite when I’ve explained. But, SO weird and annoying. Now, when we move back into our house next week, guess who is NOT getting a phone?

    • Sounds like someone got your number and is using it for the same reason Mr. S above is using ours. I have a cell phone that people call on occasion…but it is because it is a pay as you go and the girl before me forgot to tell everyone her number changed….that is a lot different than getting collection calls!

      Either way…good luck with it. 🙂

  5. so sorry to hear about this…i have a similar situation where i keep getting calls for the same woman (although it has been trailing off)despite telling them upwards of 5o times that she does not live here and demanding they take my number off their list.
    but then i don’t have sleeping baby and collection people are almost impossible to deal with…
    what a creep!

    • Tracy….

      We have been dealing with these calls for almost TEN YEARS. As soon as I get one company to stop calling another starts up. Not long ago (maybe 6 months?) I finally convinced a collections to stop calling. It always takes a few tries to get through to them. I thought we were done until AmEx started calling. I am pretty sure that was collections since the automated message always said “this is a business matter, not a solicitation”. It really ticks me off cuz they call early and late.