On Pat Robertson

Wow.  What else can I say.  While I am a Buddhist and struggle daily to practice patience and empathy for everything and everyone in the world…Pat Robertson just plain makes me angry.  That isn’t exactly a Buddhist way to look at things…but I am only human and I can’t help myself.

Why does he make comments like this? Why is it so apparent to him that all the world’s ills are because of God being pissed off?  His comments (and those of the late Jerry Falwell) just incense me.  Even if I was still of the Faith, I could not believe God would do such things especially in punishment of something that happened in the 1700s.  I would think that God would have punished them right then if it behooved Him to do so.  Not to mention the fact that I was always taught that God stopped with the smiting a long time ago and just went with the Heaven and Hell thing.

So, my sympathies and empathy goes out to the people of Haiti and all those affected by the disaster.  I actually have a hard time thinking of it for no other reason that it causes me pain to think of all the people that had to watch their loved ones die or have no clue of they are alive or dead.  How horrible it would be to lose your children and not know if they were ok?  How horrible it must be to be a child, scared and alone and crying out for your parents and family only to be met with silence?

It just seems that P.R. has no empathy in this matter.  He cannot see it this way.  He is more concerned with trying to scare people to his Faith … maybe so he can show his score card to God of how many people he brought to Him.  Does he stop to think about how these people may be feeling?  Does he stop to be human for once and try to empathize with these people?  Maybe, but if he does he never shows it.  Or maybe he is just an angry individual who sees things like this as an outlet for his anger and of course, if you aren’t of his belief system then you are the target.

So, for today my practice is going to consist of trying NOT to hate him and trying to not be so angry at him.    I do pity him…what a sad soul he must be…but even though I feel the anger in my chest I know he doesn’t deserve it.  He just doesn’t know how to change.  That in turn makes me sad.  For someone as influential as he is to become hateful instead of supportive…he is doing more harm than good in the world.  Sure, he sends money to those in need.  Many times though, what people need isn’t money so much as support and understanding and empathy.

I can’t help but wonder how much more he could help out the peoples of the world if he would put away his hateful statements for a while and only focus on doing good?

So..for today at least…I am giving my patience, my empathy, and my caring to Pat Robertson.  Perhaps he will accept it and it will make him a changed man.  Perhaps not.  I hope he does…then maybe he could do more to help those like the people in Haiti.  And maybe some of that anger and hatred will leave him for good.



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6 responses to “On Pat Robertson

  1. “but I am only human and I can’t help myself.”

    Oh man, if you can figure out how to practice Buddhism and deal with strong emotions we should get together and write a book. I’m not even close to winning that battle.

    Which of course would be a so non Buddhist thing to do.

    • Lol…I am working on my anger issues. I am not as angry as I used to be at some people and it is a practice I struggle with daily. So, in not always conquering my anger I end up trying to do other things to boost my good karma so the bad doesn’t get me so much. LOL

  2. That’s just it Dee…many Christians don’t like him at all so I am wondering who he really ministers to to begin with. All that comes out of his mouth is hate…so I have a hard time believing that so many Christians follow his lead… shrug

  3. As a Christian & a Baptist I’m quite frustrated and annoyed with him. He makes all Baptist seem uncaring. It is high profile people like Robertson make all of look like idiots and uncaring. Baptist Disaster Relief is often one of the first groups to respond to many disasters worldwide. Yes, they are in the process or possibly already in country.

  4. I’m not a Buddhist, so I fully intend to continue despising Pat Robertson. In fact I hope the fiery hell, which he uses to scare others into his belief system, really exists. This is simply because I can think of no better place for Pat Robertson.

    Okay, I feel better now, lol

  5. Brienne

    The fundamentalist mind sees the world as black and white, good and evil. We must forgive him.