Deep Breath

So, Podling had a fever since Thursday. Wasn’t really “high” per se so I didn’t take her to the Doc right away. Kids get fevers. For the next few days we would live on the couch holding her so she could rest…otherwise she would just cry and be restless. Poor baby. I felt soo bad. I also felt bad for Babyhead too…he is feeling neglected from all the attention heaped on sick Podling.

When Saturday night rolled around and it shot up from 102 to 104.6 we got worried and called Doc. He basically said to keep doing what we were doing (Tylenol/Motrin/Fluids) and if she wasn’t better by Sunday night to come in Monday morning.

Sunday morning her fever broke. BUT…one of the glands in her neck swelled up to the size of a ping pong ball. Sigh. Not out of the woods after all. Called Doc this morning and he said bring her in so he could test her for strep.

Just what I need.

They did a rapid strep test, but it can be a false negative (so why really bother?) so they are treating her for it anyway just in case. That’s fine, I would rather be sure…I was hoping for a more definitive diagnosis though.

So, that was my weekend. Very little sleep with a very sick and cranky child. She is better, but still cranky. Hopefully in the next few days she will be better.

I hope for all our sakes!


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