So, I’m a meanie.

When you join a social network, you expect complete strangers to want to be your friend for whatever reason be it spam, lovin’, or phishing.  On facebook I receive a lot of requests from complete strangers wanting to befriend me.  I used to simply ignore them and deny the request but they would be persistent  Most of them from men who all their friends are are women.  This tells me that they are really only trolling for girls and even if I wasn’t happily married, I wouldn’t give these people the time of day.

With that said, I have taken it to the next level since I keep getting the same requests over and over…and over…and over.  Obviously ignoring these people does not work.  I replied to one request saying that I was very sorry, but I don’t friend people that I don’t personally know.  The person wrote back asking where I was from.  Well, obviously that is a red flag that you really don’t know me and have no business friending me (per my previous reply) if you don’t know where I am from. I sent back a curt reply saying such and not to contact me again or his correspondence will be deleted and/or reported.

Yesterday, I got another request from another guy who only had girls on his profile (I always check in case it is someone I do know, but don’t remember like from high school).  I sent this reply:

“I am sorry,  I do not friend people I personally know.  Please do not contact me again.”

While it is short and curt, I thought it conveyed the right message that “I AM NOT INTERESTED” and to keep people from trying to connect through constant FB messaging.

Of course, it hit a nerve in this guy (who either looks like Vin Diesel or stole Vin’s image from somewhere.  Either way, he was offended:


Well, I guess.  I can’t really lose what I never had and don’t really care if I lose something I never wanted.  I never said I wasn’t mean.  I also never said I was interested in meeting new people on facebook.  What this brought to mind however was the banter going on in other places of the web about how men (I can only assume these are men since that is how they identify on FB and I have yet to get a request from a woman I don’t know) think that they have the right to intrude on women’s personal space to “prove” themselves worthy of a woman’s attention even when she says no, asks politely to be left alone, threatens legal/police action or whatever.

See, they can’t really do much to force me into interacting with them other than the first message on Facebook since I can not only delete their messages, but report them to facebook and potentially have them banned.  However, in real life there are those that wouldn’t accept no for an answer and try to prove themselves, even though I said I wasn’t interested thereby proving only that they are jerks that I don’t want to associate with to begin with.

Anyway, point is if you go trolling social media for girlfriends it really is a wast of time to try to troll them into talking to you.

And for the record…I’m really not interested.  Go away…and don’t bother sending a mean message back since I don’t feed trolls.



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7 responses to “So, I’m a meanie.

  1. Honestly, I don’t even bother responding to messages from strangers on social networking sites, LOL. I’ve encountered enough freaks on the internet to know that it’s just not worth the aggravation.

    • The problem with some of them is even if I ignore them they continue to try to friend me, so I send a reply. Now you can actually mark them as someone you don’t know, but not sure what that really does.

  2. Which is why I just start off the first message with “don’t contact me again” and what the one post Iinked too was talking about.

  3. When I don’t recognize the person request I send a message asking do I know you? Sometimes I figure out who the person is by mutual friends. Of these requests I have had a couple of friends from college that I didn’t recognize their married name. If I don’t know the person and they keep bothering me I block them.

    Had someone find me on a page for my church back homes FB group for those in the youth group from the 80s and 90s. Even though my name has an unusual spelling there was another girl a few years older with the same spelling. She added me by mistake. It was kind of funny.

    • That is why I check out their profile…his name didn’t even ring a bell and the fact all he had girls on his friend’s list (actually this is the case with all the guys that have requested me) kinda sent up a red flag. I think I have found 99% of the people that I went to school with or at the very least have mutual friends with…so chances are if someone from my school requested me they would have some of my friends already on their list.

      I just get sick of the message gets really old when they try to convince me to friend them which is why I have taken to being ‘mean’ about it.

      • Weirdest thing I had happen was a one guy that who sent a request respond to my why with because you are hot. My reply was I’m married and not interested. He then proceeded to say well he wasn’t gay and I was a dude. It seems he miss read my name. Thought I was a guy. When I informed him of that he told me well if I was I was pretty ugly and he wouldn’t be interested in me. Well that may be true but at least I am literate.

  4. They’re just jealous.