Santa Clause Is Coming to Town…or is he?

I have been in a very serious mindset lately. A lot of thoughts are in my head as I get through my day do day doings. One of them is how fortunate I am and how grateful I am to have what I do. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, we have little to no savings (we overdrew our bank account twice in as many months!!)…but I am grateful. We have food and a place to live. Clothes to wear and health insurance.

Many families don’t have this. Many children want for a great many things. It really hit home for me yesterday when I was checking my email and got a note from someone on my freecycle group:

This year has been hard financially, esp after my husband was laid off for several months. We do not need “new” items, gently used is just fine. I have 3 boys ages 8, 5(almost 6) and 3.5. They love anything with wheels(trucks, bikes, tech decks etc). They are very into the outdoors, so any outdoor items are welcome. I appreciate any help. They also like Bakugan and Pokemon. My middle and youngest son love to draw, so paper, markers, crayons etc are great! Thanks!

It’s these things that make my heart ache mainly because my children have an abundance…over abundance…of plastic things, but not quite enough to give away to all the kids that need new toys for Christmas.  I don’t know if I have the toys to give to this family since I have already gave away a great deal a few months ago…but I will definitely look through and see what I can find…

I made the comment to DH that I wanted to donate to Toys for Tots this year.  We spoke about this and we actually may end up donating to our local Santa who is a friend of our and always takes toys to the local Children’s Hospital.  We will see what they will accept and go from there.

I think I still might pick up a few things to stick on the TFT box though as there are always cheaper toys around the holidays.   We have just found the Playmobil line of toys and those are actually really good and cheap (meaning you can buy action figures for $3 or a little set to go with the bigger sets for less than $7.  I had an idea to grab a few while we are out shopping and pop them in the box…

It still makes me sad all the children out there though that won’t get anything…it’s times like these that I wish I won the lottery just so I can make some kid’s Christmas special.



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2 responses to “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town…or is he?

  1. Les

    I’m with you on that one. So many friends and family could use a few extra bucks these days, let alone a gift or two.

    • We are actually going to go through the toys really really soon so I can post on Freecycle and see if anyone wants some gently used toys for their kids xmas. I don’t give away ones that are raggy or missing pieces…I only give away things I wouldn’t mind getting myself. Maybe it will help some poor soul out there..