Friday Quickie

It’s that time of year…time for toys and trees and lights and tacky blow up yard decorations. I feel bad not posting as often as I used too, but it always seems something has to be done first and by the time I actually sit down to type I forget the bulk of what I wanted to write. I remember kinda what I wanted to write, but most of the words have left my head and I have no substance left.

I either need a laptop or a dictation recorder or something. I want to write, I just can’t sit down WHEN I want to. sigh Doesn’t help at all that the WordPress Gods seemed to have done something with my theme code…it’s really weird that if I change my background colors and such the background of my posts are changed as well about halfway down my page…I don’t think it used to do that.

This sucks.

Maybe I can come up with something else later.



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2 responses to “Friday Quickie

  1. We were going to decorate inside the house for the kids. Babyhead loves Xmas lights…but we won’t put up our tree until the weekend after Thanksgiving as per tradition (we have a fake tree bc I am allergic). I will say that the majority of my decorations are more wintery than xmasy (snowflakes and snowmen…I love snowmen!)…that way I can leave them out all winter.

    We are starting to shop for gifts…mainly because we have to spread it out and not shop all at once.

    And what is the deal with selling xmas treats well before xmas? LOL

  2. I always find it odd when I see holiday decorations up this early in the year as most folks over here don’t tend to put them up till at least the start of December (and some don’t do it till Xmas Eve!). I do hate it when shops already have Xmas displays when we’re stil heading towards Halloween though – and I recently berated a shop manager who had XMas mince pies for sale with a best before date of the end of October! (THe were in Xmassy packaging and everything!)