Back from the Country

We went last week to see my family once again, though the reason we went down so soon after the last was canceled. My uncle on my Dad’s side usually has a Halloween party for his daughter that drives in from Detroit (and the rest of the family), but it rained sooo much that they canceled it. It sucked because the weather was pretty shitty while we were there, it did get better about mid week, but still wet.

Babyhead loved it of course. We went to the pumpkin farm and since my dad drives the tractor over there the owner lets us in for free and also lets us in when no one else is there so we get the whole place to ourselves.

Podling was great and of course took to my dad right away like last time. It is funny how she is, she doesn’t like most strangers, men especially, but she loves my dad!

I had a lot of blogging ideas while I was down there, but no means to write them out. I guess I could have written them on paper, but they would never have gotten to the computer if I did that. I guess I should do that anyway. Maybe I just need a little dictation recorder…

Either way it wasn’t too bad. I was still able to see one of my sister’s and a friend I haven’t seen in a while. I will try to dredge my brain for the other ideas I had, but no guarantees. I am thinking I am going to change the blog a bit around New Year’s anyway. I have changed so much since I first started that I think it needs a new turn. I am not that same person I was back in 2007.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!


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