Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Once again it is BCAM.  Please make sure to think of the women you love and support your favorite cancer/breast cancer charity!

Blasts from the past:

(The following post was originally written in October of 2008.)

Yea, I Think Pink. I can’t help it. My DH even makes fun of me because if I see something with a Pink Ribbon in the store, I will make an effort to buy it, even if we don’t need it. I saw in a magazine this awesome stand alone mixer that was PINK! It was $300 though…I am not sure how much they would donate to BCR…but I would have bought it if I had the money!

I am not sure he understands my need to think and buy Pink. To be honest I HATE the color pink…but when it comes to Breast Cancer I can’t help myself. I think others think I am a little off my rocker with the Pink as well. In case you haven’t read some previous posts I will give you a quick run down of my obsession with Pink.

One of my Aunts…my dad’s sister…was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years back. They did a double mastectomy and thought she was was in the clear. The active word there is THOUGHT. Just last year in August of 2006 they found that the cancer had came back…and had spread. It is on various organs now and they didn’t give her much time to live. They are now giving her experimental treatments, but one of the most promising ones tended to give her such severe nose bleeds that she had to go to the hospital for transfusions. When I ask my dad how she is he says she is a trooper…hanging in there and even still going to work despite the fact her hair has all fallen out and she is sick from the chemo. She is a true inspiration for strength and faith.

I was always was into buying of Pink items until my Aunt was diagnosed. Then it became a little obsession. I buy Pink even if I don’t really like the item. I bought a ton of Tic-Tacs once because they were Pink. I made a few Cafe Press stores just for Breast Cancer Survivors and their families so I could try to generate more money to donate. I haven’t gotten enough sales to get a check to donate the profits yet (you actually have to sell a lot to get a check)…so in the meantime I keep buying Pink things for myself.

Why do I bother? Well, because even though it may not help my Aunt, maybe it will help someone else’s aunt or mom or sister or wife. Maybe it will help me if I end up with this dread disease.

When I think of Breast Cancer I think of what it would be like to leave my son. You know, when you become a mom you cease to think about YOU so much as your children. Thoughts pop into my head of me dying and my son crying out for me and not being able to comfort him the special way moms tend to comfort. I know I shouldn’t think about those things, the odds are it may never happen to me. Every time I think of my Aunt or others who have this disease, I think of the possibility of it for me.

That is why I Think Pink. Because no child should be left motherless if I can help prevent it.

The above post was first published in October of 2007.

Today marks the first day of The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for 2008. Anyone that knows me should know that this is one of the few things that I really feel passionate about. My Aunt is hanging in there and doing real well from what my dad tells me. That is a good thing.But this year brings new worries as I gave birth to my little girl. Not only do I have two children that could be impacted by this disease should I get it, but my sweet baby Podling may end up with this horrible disease as well. It is a scary thing…but I am not sure what is more scary…the fact that fate may have it where I leave my children before my time…or the fact that fate may take my daughter from me. I know that the risk of dying in a car accident is much greater at this point and that I shouldn’t look at the future in such a way…but I can’t help it. It is scary to think that my body, or hers, could be so much out of control of ourselves and have a mind of it’s own. 

So, DH and I have made an effort to eat healthier after my bout with gestaional diabetes. I am no saint by any means, but I try to pay attention to my servings sizes still and we still buy whole wheat breads and pastas. We have all but totally eliminated sodas from our diet and trying to cut back on our fast food intake. I try to take a walk every day with the kids when I can (when it isn’t raining from hurricanes!).

DH thinks it is because I want to lose weight…and while that is part of it…the largest part of changing my diet is the fear that my body may decide to do it’s own thing again. Diabetes I can live with, though it is scary too…but the big C. That scares the shit out of me.

So…for all you women out there and for those of you who love women…Think Pink this month and donate to Breast Cancer Research. Buy something pink or just write a check to your favorite organization. It could save your life or someone you love.

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Steal Me!

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