(Late) Weekend Wrapup

I meant to post this a few days ago…but we have been sick with a cold for the past week and it really hit me bad on Sunday.  Yesterday I was too busy playing Warcraft to get to level 80 so I didn’t think to post it either.  What can I say.  I am a sick gamer.  🙂

Saturday morning we decided to do something out of the house.  We spend a lot of time cooped up in here for one reason or another and were looking for ideas to get out of the house.  The first idea was the park as it was a gorgeous day.  Then the thought hit me that we had yet to visit the local orchard.  Thinking that Babyhead would like to pick some apples we piled in the car and drove down.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The owners had a super easy set up where there were two wagons…one went to the apples, one went to apples and grapes.  We grabbed a bucket and took the one that just went to the apples.  Of all my life around farmers and the like, I never new apples grew in clumps!  I had always (falsely) assumed that they grew like the pictures and one apple at a time around the tree.  Nope.  They actually looked like enormous bunches of grapes there on the trees.  It makes sense…they grow from the flowers and the flowers are in clumps…I just never realized that the apples could grow like that as well.

Babyhead had fun as well.  It was something different and outside and liked choosing the apples.  We did have to steer him away from some of the smaller apples.  He was obsessed with picking the small ones for some reason.

We also saw a little garden snake under one of the trees.  He was among some apples that had fallen and I imagine it was eating some of the insects that were attracted to the rotting fruit.  I tried to get a picture of it, but Podling was in the front carrier on me and I wasn’t able to get too close.

We had another surprise as well…we saw honey bees!  I know, it shouldn’t be a surprise…but we had heard that honey bees were actually in danger because of a parasite and have been noticing that we haven’t seen any the past few years.  It was actually a pleasure to see the little guys buzzing around doing their bee business.  We saw quite a few so it gave us hope that maybe they aren’t as endangered as we had heard before.  Of course the farm could have had their own hive, which would be smart…but that doesn’t mean that the bees still wouldn’t be in danger.

After dropping off the apples and the pumpkin roll we picked up in the farm store at home, we bought some hoagies and headed to the park for an impromptu picnic and frisbee.  The park was crowded with all kinds of parties but we managed to find an empty table under some trees.  It was cool in the shade, almost too cool!, so we ate quickly and hiked up to the adjacent field for some frisbee.

Babyhead wasn’t that interested in frisbee and made it clear that DH and I were to play.  LOL  So, we flung the frisbee back and forth while Babyhead chased Podling.  Podling thought it was cool to have so much room to just run!

After about an hour, though, Podling had enough and we packed up and came home and hung out here for the rest of the night.

Sunday was our anniversary so we went the kids to the GPs (grandparents) while we took off to the beach.  We try to go to the boardwalk every year for our anni and play Skee Ball.  It is a tradition since that is what we did on our honeymoon!  We didn’t know it, but there was a clown parade on the boardwalk with a judging for some kids dressed as clowns.  I have to say it was a little disturbing seeing so many clowns in one place…

After eating at our favorite boardwalk pizzeria and having 3 GINORMOUS pieces of pizza…one piece fit in a 12″ pizza box!, we dumped about $10 into the Skee Ball machines then about another $10 in crane machines.  Then took a leisurely walk down the boardwalk just enjoying another beautiful day.  It usually rains on our anniversary since we married during the hurricane season, but it was nice that this time it was sunny without a cloud in the sky.

After leaving the boardwalk we came home and watched a Netflix movie that had been sitting on DH’s desk for a week (it was one of Tarrantino’s Grindhouse movies, Death Proof).  We then went to Olive Garden for a nice dinner.  Of course, I can never eat all the food as the portions are insane, but it was still delicious as always.  After dinner, we picked up the kids from the GPs , they were exhausted and dirty from fun, and came home.  I got the kids bathed and in the bed…then we took cold medicine and went to sleep.  LOL

Other than the colds we had it was a great weekend.  We hope to go this weekend to pick some grapes at the orchard.  DH is curious how the grapes actually grow on the vines.  I am sure they are cheaper than at the store since we had over 7lbs of apples and it only cost us $4!  In the meantime I have to clean the house.  I have let it go to long and I am trying to clean what needs to be cleaned and keep up with things that have already been cleaned.

I hope everyone has a great week!


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