Dear Email Spammer,

I realize that with the tougher filters on webmail now days as well as custom filters, it is getting more difficult to get your message across to those who really don’t care to have it.  I do, however, need to take issue with a few of your practices.

By inserting numbers in place of letters in your FROM line and SUBJECT line really doesn’t help much.  While it does get past the spam filter most of the time, that doesn’t mean I am not going to delete it without even opening it.

I understand that quantity is the key…the more you send out the more likely someone will be to click on your email, but let’s face it.  Anything that says “FreeTrai1 – Go Ahead and En1arge Your Manhood…” isn’t even close to be inviting enough to click it.  It looks very unprofessional and makes me think that if I had a manhood to enlarge, I wouldn’t be buying the product from you.

The same goes for those emails were the subject has nothing to do with the body of the email.  Usually these are sent out with some innocuous subject such as “Glad I finally found you!” or some such thing, meant to make me think it is some long lost friend or relative only to see the body of the email and see “view my webcam” or something or other.

While these might entice some porn loving crusty old man or even a hormonal teenager on occasion…these usually get deleted as well.  I really have to wonder how much business you are getting through these emails that you insist on buying mine with no knowledge of me or my needs (or lack thereof) and spam me.  I know there must be a million other people, just like me, that just send your emails to the junk folder and delete them entirely.

In closing, I realize that this will not deter you from spamming me.  I accepted the fact of spam a long time ago and will continue to use my email and just delete the emails that you send.  However, it would seem to me that it would behoove you to find a more professional writer for at least your subject lines to make it where someone might actually click on and consider your proposed product or services.  Or at the very least get a good chuckle and a blog post out of it.





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2 responses to “Dear Email Spammer,

  1. very funny, you are more savvy about these things than me…i think…bigger boobs in minutes? lemme check it out…