As I look for things to blog about day by day I realize that my life is pretty mundane. Nothing exciting usually happens and it is always the same thing day in and day out. Get up. Get the kids up. Make breakfast for them. Find something to do until lunch. Make lunch. Find something to do until dinner. You get the picture.

Last night DH and were talking before we went to sleep and I made the comment that I am really happy with my life. Could it be better? Probably. Are there things that I would still like to have/do? Sure. However, after being married to my ex-husband I have learned to appreciate things differently.

I have lived out of my car. Been evicted from an apartment or had to move on a regular basis because we couldn’t pay rent…I never resigned a lease when I was married to him. Only had bean sprouts and salad dressing in the house to eat for days. I have had almost anything of any value taken from me in some way and have had numerous bill collectors after me well after he and I divorced.

Now…my bills are paid. We have only moved twice…because we wanted to… and have lived in the current apartment for 3 years. We always have food in the kitchen. We have transportation that is reasonably reliable. While we don’t have a lot of “things” we are pretty comfy in our place. We have high speed internet, digital cable and a telephone. I am slowly accumulating nice things for our place like our swing outside and our nice pictures on the walls for decoration.

All these things I never dreamed I would have before. And I am grateful and happy I have them now. My marriage isn’t perfect…but we talk about our issues and respect each other the way that my ex never would. I am not verbally or emotionally abused here and DH never forces me into anything I don’t want to do.

So while my life is mundane…and it is the same shit different day every day…I am still happy. That is more than a lot of people have.


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