Please Tell Me It Is a Phase – A Vent

Babyhead throws tantrums at the drop of a hat.  Really.  I mean the whole screeching crying beating on the walls/doors kind.  Dh and I are at our wits end with this.  We have done everything to make sure he is happy and healthy…yet when he doesn’t get his way he just explodes.  He doens’t have any signs of any disorder and if he gets his way he is 100% peachy keen.  It has always been this way, but lately it has gotten worse.

The other day he threw a fit because I gave him chocolate milk instead of pink milk (even though he said he wanted chocolate milk too).  He threw a fit this morning becuase I didn’t sing him a song last night before bed…he fell asleep before I could get in there (DH always puts him to bed first).  If DH is home, it just makes it worse.  He gets mad because of the fit and then starts yelling about stop yelling and in the end drags out the fit longer than needed.

While I don’t want to give my kid everything just to keep fits from happening…it is really wearing on my nerves.  Babyhead starts in, then of course that upsets Podling and she starts, and if DH is home HE starts…

I am just at my wits end.  I don’t know what to do.  He isn’t a bad kid the rest of the day…and some days we can get out without any fits at all…but some times it just goes on and on and on all day.




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  1. I’m sure you’ve tried this but what about a sticker chart. Divide the day into sections like 2-4 hr blocks. Or hourly if you think it needs to be that much. Every time BH makes it that amount of time give him a sticker. Set a reward consequence- system up based on the points. Have certain activities/privileges he likes that must be earned based on points. Points can be traded in for the privilege. Doesn’t have to be very complicated system. Privileges can be as simple as TV/Video/Computer time to a trip to the park or getting a special toy. The key is to have clear simple rules for the system.

    • I thought about this Dee. Thought it didn’t help with his potty training, I thought maybe it might help now since he is older. It isn’t that I don’t want him never to throw a fit…I know he will, hell I do sometimes…I just want these all day tantrum sessions to stop.

      Thankfully he doesn’t do a lot of fits at the store, it is mainly at home. The one time he did throw a fit in the store we turned around, put the toy we were going top get back and left. He threw a fit for 2 hours after we got home…but now when we are out all we have to do is tell him we will take back whatever we got him and it stops.

  2. vesta44

    When my niece was 6 or 7, she used to throw fits when she went shopping with her mother and her mother’s mother if she didn’t get what she wanted. One day, she did that in a store and hit her head on one of the display cases and needed stitches. When she got home, and my brother found out, he told her that every time she time she threw a temper tantrum about anything, she would lose a toy, and she wouldn’t get any of them back until she quit throwing tantrums. She ended up losing all of her toys (and that included all the toys she got at birthday and Christmas). It took her a year to earn them all back, but by the time she was 9, she had learned that tantrums didn’t get her what she wanted, they just cost her the things she liked (and he took away what she liked the most first).
    I don’t know if that would work for you, but it might be worth a try.

    • We tried that. The biggest hurdle is we have no place to put them to store them and he has so many he just gets something else. We even took the favorites away first and it didn’t make a difference. We talked about doing it again, but we are still left with what are we going to do with all the toys that we take away. We live in an apartment with no storage. *sigh*