Let’s Talk about Vampires

I adore reading.  I really do.  To me a good book is better than TV or a movie any day.  Which is why I am actually psyched about HBO’s True Blood.  It is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels and while it is very close to the original story, they have decided to make some differences in the story.

While I don’t agree with all of it, I can say it has me totally hooked on the show.  Knowing the story, I am curious where they are taking the characters and their lives.  We are in season two, effectively the second book, and things are turning out much different than they did in the written story.  So…I am going to write about some of the differences of True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books.

**Caution, could be some spoilers ahead**

For one, Maryanne was different in the book.  A maenad in the books, her main goal was to get tribute from Eric while she was in the area.  However, I am not totally sure what her purpose in Bon Temps is in the show.  She seems more centered around Sam and Tara.

Tara had very small roles in the books.  She was Sookie’s best friend, but she didn’t have all the issues the Tara has in the show.  She only showed up occasionally unlike the show where as much of the story has to do with her as Sookie.

Jessica is totally new.  In the books Eric is the one who killed Longshadow and has to pay reparation…Bill never has to change, and never does change, anyone.  I am really curious what her part in the story is going to be.

A new development is Bill’s maker.  She showed up in last night’s episode.  While she does show up in the books and does try to control Bill…it is for another reason other than just wanting him back.  In the books Bill was actually working on a Vampire Database, and she was torturing him about it (literally bound and tortured but I can’t remember the specifics, my sister has my books).

Eric is totally taken with Sookie in the books.  They do get together eventually, but only after Eric loses his memory and forgets to be the stubborn bad ass that he is.  She falls in love with him and he with her and he even offers to give up everything to be with her…until he gets his memory back, but then he can’t remember what happened between them for a while.

So…in the show I am rooting for them to get together.  I hate Bill Compton.  He is typical male in that he thinks that he is always right.  In the books he is worse and very selfish and you find out that he was actually sent to seduce Sookie for the Queen of Louisiana.  Which is how Sookie ends up with Eric, she breaks up with Bill.

I wonder if they are going to keep with that plot line or take it somewhere else…but I really want Sookie to be with Eric!  Even though he can be a dick, in the books anyway he was always trying to take care of Sookie…more than Bill ever did.

Even though I want to see Eric and Sookie together…I am still looking forward to seeing Quinn.  Quinn is a WereTiger.  Quinn is as yummy as Eric in the books.  Quinn and Sookie get together in a later book.  Did I mention Quinn is as yummy as Eric?  Of course, Sookie can’t have love without complications and Quinn has a lot of family baggage.  He is a good man kitty, but his family is much to be desired.  To make a long story short, his mom is insane (also a WereTiger) and eventually causes enough trouble that some of the Vamps in another state use her to get to Quinn to get to  Sookie to get to Eric.

So, the one biggest issue I have with HBO is they didn’t make Eric look like he “should” have looked.  He was supposed to have long hair.  He has sorta long hair in the first season, but they cut it all off this go around.  I have a weakness for long hair.  And I am totally obsessed with Eric.  Everything else they got right I think…so I wonder what they are going to do with Quinn…will they make him as yummy as in the books?

In case you have been living in a cave, this is Eric from the show:




Yummy with Long hair.

Ok, I’m done drooling.

Let me wipe my computer off…

…man he is hot…


Ok.  So, there you have it.  My opinion so far of True Blood.  Maybe later I will write more about Vampires in general…but for now this is it.

Last but not least, I do have to throw in a dis to Twilight while I am here…

“…When asked if we’d be seeing a half-vampire/half human baby anytime soon, the audience booed loudly to the Twilight reference, and then Alan asked, “What?” When it was explained to him, he came back with a definitive, “Oh, no. In our show, our vampires are either full-out vampires or they’re not vampires.” …”


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