A Project

I signed up for the RSS Feed to DYI Photography and he has started doing a thing called Studio @ Home complete with assignments.  While I really don’t feel confident enough to submit anything for them (especially since I have no equipment other than my camera and a shitty tripod and no real know how of anything) I thought it would be a good way to at least give myself something to do to add photos to my photo blog.

The first assignment is to take a picture of something you love.  While I could take pictures of my kids and DH all day…I want to find something else.  I thought about my flowers…but they are in the ground and one of the conditions is to use a backdrop.  So…what to choose?  The deadline is the 19th…so I have a while to choose…but I just might take a few pictures up of various things I love and post them up in the meantime.  Not sure.  Still thinking on it….



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  2. Cool, I look forward to seeing your photos. 🙂