Transformers 2

So…we took Babyhead to see Transformers 2 yesterday.  We had promised him a long time ago that we would take him, then when we started seeing a lot of trailers we grew concerned but decided to take him anyway…I am not big on breaking promises.  I figured worst case we leave after it started.

There was no reason for me to worry.

***There maybe some spoilers after this…so don’t continue if you don’t want to know.***






We get in the movie and to sum things up…it was just like the cartoon but live action..meaning it was great!  I read some reviews before I went and was a little skeptical…it seems a lot of people didn’t like the movie.  However, I don’t really know what they were expecting.  Like the first movie, it is based on a children’s cartoon (ones that I watched when I was a kid!)…so it isn’t like it would be this amazing world changing movie.  There are a bunch of robots that turn into various vehicles trying to save or destry the world.  C’mon…what else would you expect?

I won’t tell every little detail…but here is a little rundown that is by no means comprehensive and meant to take the place of watching the movie.  The beginning of the movie starts off with Sam finding a shard of the Cube.  It imprints something on his brain and he kinda goes crazy for about half the movie.

He gets to college and finds some chick all over him.  At first we were confused what she had to do with anything, but it turns out she was a Decepticon (but more like a Cylon).  While I understand they wanted to stick that in there…there really wasn’t anymore around so I am curious why they didn’t incorperate more of them in the movie.  She was the only one.

M’kayla ends up befriending a tiny Decepticon and gets help later in the movie.  They find out that Transformers have been there for centuries and find an old ex-Decepticon, Jetfire, who them helps them find some of the first Transformers even though they are dead.

Apparently they used to go from solar system to solar system killing suns for their energy otherwise they would rust and die though they made a point to not destroy suns with habitable life around them (such as ours).  However, one of the main guys that did this decided he wanted to destroy Earth anyway…the other main guys all but destroyed him and hit the “key” to turning their machine on to eat the sun.

You you find out that Megatron is actually a “disciple” of this original baddie and he, along with Starscream and a few other newer Decepticons  go about trying to catch Sam for the information that the shard imprinted on his brain…which turns out that is the rough location of the “key”.

In trying to save Sam, Optimus dies (!!) and the military unit that was working with the Autobots is all but disbanded.  Of course there is another asshole human that tries to ruin everything and he orders Prime’s body and the rest of the Autobots to another base to await further instructions.  You get the feeling that he wants all the Transformers gone.

Yada yada they find a way to revive Prime who then detroys the big baddie (of course) and saves the world yet again.  Starscream and Megatron get way (of course) and everyone is happy.  The End.

Now…there has been some rumors about TF being racist.  While there were two twin Autobots that were obviously stereotypes of young black men….I hardly call it racist.  Yea, the one did have a gold tooth…but they were funny as hell.  Stereotypical…definitely.  Racists…not really unless you are easily offended.

One big beef I had with the movie is M’kayla.  What the fuck did they do to her lips?  They looked like huge slugs stuck on her face.  I don’t recall her lips being that “full” on the first movie and it looked really bizarre.  She is pretty enough as it is without having collagen stuck in there.  Looked like she had some kind of allergic reaction that made her lips swell up.

So…if you are going go see it keep in mind it is TRANSFORMERS and based off of a cartoon.  It was just like the OLD cartoon except live action.  There is quite a bit of cursing in it (they use p*ssy a few times and b*tch a lot) but other than that it is as child safe as the other one is (not sure what an individual would consider child safe).  It is a fun movie and worth watching, I think!


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