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North Korea

They are crazy.  Really.  Everyone talks about the Middle East…but NK is freakin’ nuts.  They are making and testing missiles and nuclear explosives.  This is a whole lot more dangerous than some terrorists.  Yea, terrorists can attack cities…but a nuclear bomb can be bad for the entire world…not just a particular part of it.

I just don’t understand the obsession with it…if they use nukes that it isn’t proving anything and actually end up destroying himself in the process…  They are saying that they are just protecting themselves from the US…but what does NK have that we want?  The middle East had oil…but what does NK have??  Just a lot of psychotic paranoia over there.

Iran Elections

This is just sad.  I don’t know if the election was rigged…I wasn’t there.  However it is sad that it has come to this. A lot of people are saying the US needs to get involved…but I do not agree with this.  As bad as it is…they really need to work this out themselves.  That sounds bad, but the only way any lasting change is going to happen is if they make it happen…and they really don’t need an outside party (with potential conflicts of interest?) getting in the middle of it.  They need to fight for what they think is right and what they believe in…then the US can come by later and help them out after it is over if need be.

Healthcare Crisis

I don’t know what needs to be done about the crisis in healthcare in the US.  I don’t know if nationalizing will help or hurt. What I do know is the way it is now, it is bad, and something needs to change.  I also know is that Drug and Insurance companies need to take some blame for the way it is and help fix it.


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  1. I agree on all of it, Sandy.

    Gosh, that was easy. LOL