Cow Poop Stinks

We are back from our vacation in TN.  Had a great time visiting with my dad and step-mom as well as seeing a friend I haven’t seen in years.  I have pictures…but I have to get them off the camera and post them.  I am really tired from the drive!  Here is the low down…

The Drive Down

Had a hard time getting everything we needed in our tiny Saturn.  We got everything packed up only to realize that Podling is still in her pack n play sleeping.  The pack n play we have to take with us.  Now, I will say I did wake up thinking to let her sleep as long as possible…I just forgot we had to put the pnp in FIRST before everything else.

Once we got on the road though is was all good.  We got started a few hours later than expected…but that was ok.  We did end up making more stops then expected and a few of them longer than we should have…so instead of the usual 12-14 hours it takes us to get there…it took us 16.  By the time I pulled into my sister’s driveway we were all cranky and grumpy

The Stay

We stayed with my sister until Sunday night.  Everything went well there though we did buy Krystal’s for everyone…for $50!!!  I couldn’t believe they were that expensive!  But I guess it adds up.  I felt really bad though that my sister is having such a hard time after her divorce and we didn’t really have any money to give her.  We did, however, work out later to give her a $50 Visa card and pay for some minutes on her phone.  Not much, but it was something and I hope she was able to make that $50 stretch for groceries.

Then we went to my dad’s house.  Babyhead was talking in his sleep that night about riding the Gator Tractor and how cute the baby cows are.  In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, Daddy lives in the boonies in the middle of a cow pasture or farms.  We spent our days like we always do there…

Get up.

Eat breakfast.

Ride the gator around.

Take a nap.

Relax on the porch swing.

Eat lunch.

Relax on the swing.

Ride the gator around.

Eat dinner.


Go to bed.

We did get Babyhead a fishing pole to fish in my Dad’s pond.  Someone had left some minnows down there and he kept asking if the minnow was happy…but when he would cast out and real back in he thought he caught a little fish!  LOL

Podling took to my dad right away.  I think it made Dh’s dad a little Jealous since she won’t go to him at all.  I told everyone it must be a Southern Thing and she must be a Southern Girl.  She also loved my step-mom and we often left Podling with her if we needed to go to the store (which seemed like every day…not a good thing since we have to drive forever to get there!).

The Drive Back

We take 2 days to drive back..but all did not go well.  About 2 hours in Podling started screaming but not in a place on the road we could stop.  After her crying for 45 minutes we found a rest stop and found that she had pooped all over her and the seat.  *sigh*  Of course it was all over me as well since I picked her up.  After getting her changed and calm and getting myself changed we were back on the road…but both  DH and I ended up with headaches and couldn’t drive to the usual exit…we had to stop quite a few hours earlier than we usualy do/should have…we didn’t even make it out of TN…

The room was nice though.  Best Western rocks!  Nice fluffy pillows, comfy beds and an actual thermostat and not just one of those usual hotel things.  We were able to get the room pretty comfy.  Dh didn’t sleep well though since all of us had allergies and were up snorting and snoring from our sinuses.  I slept a little better but not much since Podling kept me awake…she kept sounding like she was drowning.

The next day we started out at around 8 and made good time.  We were both able to snooze a bit while the other drove so we were able to drive ok.  We also didn’t stop like we did going down so we made decent time and got home in 11 hours that day.  It also helped that when we did stop the kids were asleep and so we didn’t have to drag them out.  We did stop at a Wendy’s, but went through the drive through and, again, the kids slept so it didn’t take long.  Babyhead had his food when he woke up.

We got in at around 7:30 so we had some time to relax.  It was sad seeing my house go from clean to a disaster in just a few minutes though.  *sigh*  Lots to do now and will have pictures up on the photo blog soon.

It’s nice to be home!


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  1. sounds like a fun vacation!! but really there’s no place like home…especially with young’uns!!