Vacation Time

While I haven’t been posting a lot anyway, for the next week you won’t see me around at all.  I am going to the boonies of Tennessee to visit my family and will not have internet access.  That is fine with me because we truly get the change to unplug.  The cell phone will stay off unless we need it and therefore we can just relax and take in the country scenery.

I will probably post when I get back, if nothing else there will be pictures up on the photo blog.  I am taking my new Nikon so I am hoping to get some nice images of various things.  Maybe like Bridge of Madison County and just take pictures of old barns or something.

If you comment and it doesn’t appear (which if you have submitted before and been approved it should appear) be patient.  It is probably stuck in moderation and I will see it when I get back.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Holiday.  Have fun, be patriotic, eat hot dogs and hamburgers…but don’t drink and drive!


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