Who Cares

That is my new motto. Not that I am just blowing things off…but there is an awful lot of crap out there that really has no bearing on anything. Case in point is this whole beauty pageant winner with the racy pictures. Who cares? I know you can come up with something about morality and teaching girls something bad…but chances are that pageant has already taught girls bad things like you need to be totally thin and look a certain way to be beautiful even if it costs you your life (see plastic surgery and anorexia/bulimia/eating disorders).

In case you haven’t figured it out, I am not a fan of beauty pageants…but even so who cares if she had some nude or semi nude pictures out there? Many girls do that now days anyway so it isn’t as if it is anything new (don’t mis-understand, I don’t like that either, but it is her body and her choice if she wants people to look at her naked or semi naked).

That brings up another “Who Cares”…what difference does it make that a celebrity has gained weight. It is only an issue because the media make it an issue. So what…they are enjoying their lives now instead of living for the magazines that will promote their films or music. If they are decent entertainers looks won’t have that big of an impact (especially if they have already been established). Shut up and find something newsworthy.

While we are on the subject of looks…who cares about Michelle Obama’s arms. I mean, really. Are you so miffed that your man didn’t make it in office that you have to nitpick someone’s arms and say they are “inappropriate”. Or do you have to feel like you are up with the times and continue to compliment people by saying they have “Michelle Obama Arms”. Who the fuck cares? Have you people never seen a woman’s arms before?? I hardly think the State of the Union is going to succeed or fail based on how fat, thin or fit someone’s arms are.

OK…let’s move on from looks. Who cares of Sarah Palin is going to write a memoir. I realize someone out there wants to read it when it is published…but is it really news? Why not bring it up once it is published. There are a lot of authors out there that publish things people want to read that don’t get news stories written about them.

And also, who cares if Pres. Obama didn’t want ketchup on his hamburger. I don’t like ketchup on mine either and much prefer mustard and/or mayo. AND…why is it such a big deal he wanted spicy/dijon mustard? WHO THE FUCK CARES?? Well, obviously some people care…but I think they were making a mountain out of a mole hill (not talking about you Les…just didn’t feel like writing stuff that you basically already said).

Anyway, that is my vent for today.  You can continue about your business.



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4 responses to “Who Cares

  1. Les

    The minutia that occupies people’s attention always stuns me. My personal theory is that this is a direct outgrowth of having 24 hour news channels without really having 24 hours of news worthy events happening. So they fill up the time with fluff/gossip bits and found out that there are enough idiots out there interested in that stuff to make for decent ratings. But that’s just a guess.

    It doesn’t bother me so much that the general public gets wrapped up in such nonsense as much as it does when the supposed professional journalists and pundits do. Surely there are better criticisms to be leveled against Obama than his condiment preferences.

    • You must be right Les…and of course these people that care so much have to have very little time on their hands too. *sigh*

  2. Michelle Obama’s arms? LOL, hadn’t heard that one.

    I agree, most people don’t care about what the media shoves down our throats as “news”.

    • LOL Elf…you haven’t read all about her arms? It is all over the place…just search it. There for a few days every time I got in the Internet it was something new about her arms…