Mother’s Day – I’ve Said It Before & I Will Say It Again

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It is hard not to remember it is coming up since you see it everywhere. Websites and stores are offering the perfect gift from clothes to jewelry to electronics. It’s kinda sickening actually. All the slogan’s are “Show her you care! Buy something really expensive for her that she will probably never wear or otherwise use!” Why do I say that…because busy mom’s almost always never have the time to wear that beautiful heart shaped necklace or that wonderful (see expensive) bath set. It isn’t that we wouldn’t like these things, it is that we never have the TIME.

Now, of course I am talking about women with children still in the home…women with grown children out of the house may want some of those things and use them…but anyway…

We don’t get to go out with just our spouses much anymore, must less take a long, luxurious aromatherapy bath. Our nights out usually consist of the DH as well as the kid(s) and even if they aren’t we are plagued with numerous things that usually go wrong before hand, such as the baby sitter being late or CANCELING. So, beautiful clothes and jewelry is just a waste at this point (not to mention I would murder DH if he bought me a $300,000 piece of jewelry unless we had won the lottery).

Spa choices are out of the question for the same reason…either we don’t have time to GO to the spa or we don’t have the alone time to use the bath products at home (there is always a child banging on the door, so even if you lock said door you don’t get to relax).

So, what should you do for said Mother on Mother’s Day to show her you care? Leave her alone. Really. Give her breakfast in bed (DH always goes to Mc D’s and brings it back…he says he doesn’t want to cook and clean it up and it isn’t fair to ask me to do it on my day…so Mc D’s is the next best thing short of fighting the crowds at sit down restaurants). That is fine with me!

Then, take the kids, all of em…and leave her alone for the day and don’t call her unless you or the kid(s) are in the ER. Really. Take the kids to the park, or one of those indoor play thingies…or have a playdate with others who are giving THEIR moms a day off too. Make it a day of spending time with your own kids…and give Mom some time of spending a day without the kids…

Me, I don’t want jewelry or clothes or spa treatments…I plan on sending my DH and son to the ILs for the day…MIL is always happy to spend time with her kids and DH (trust me…she would consider it a gift…though I am not sure what other grandparents would think)…so everyone gets what they want. I get my day…she gets her family visit…everyone is happy.

I can take a bath/shower BY MYSELF, I can read a book without someone constantly asking me “mommy what you readin?” and then proceed to grab said book, I can take a nap or if I am so inclined I can drop them off and use the car to go shopping (though I usually try not to do that on MD as the crowds are horrid). I can just do what I want when I want and not have to answer to ANYONE!!!

So, trust me…don’t worry about jewelry, spa gifts, clothes…and just give mom a day off. She will love you for it…and she will know you REALLY care.


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  1. This is EXACTLY what I want on Mother’s Day. I want time to myself in my house BY MYSELF. I want to lounge on my couch in silence. I want to sleep. I want to eat ice cream and not have to share any of it.