Treating moms for PPD

As some of you may know, with the birth of my son I had PPD. Even after realizing it, and seeking help for it, I did not receive any help. At the time I would have welcomed some kind of relief, even if it was in the form of a pill. The thoughts of not being able to take care of my son, of wanting to give him away for someone else to raise…I could have done without. However, within my depressed mind I could not get away from them. I would have accepted help where ever I could get it. Thankfully, I never had thoughts of hurting him or myself.

That is what makes me so angry when people try to downplay or otherwise lobby against laws/ mandates helping women get the treatment they need. Why is it that so many people are determined to keep women in a mentally unhealthy state? Why is it that instead of helping women cope with this sometimes dangerous condition, some would rather wait until it is too late for either mother or child(ren)?

Why is it so hard to think of Mothering as a job than some euphoric state of being where all the woman can think about it how happy her and her family are? While I understand that YOU may not have had PPD or PPP (Post Partum Psychosis), that doesn’t mean that other women haven’t. Just because I haven’t traveled to Wyoming doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

So please, help other moms out. Help pass the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act. Write to your congressperson or representative. It’s not to late to help a mom realize that it is possible to be truly happy and not just tell people that you are.
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