This Just In..

The endocrinologist said that my blood sugar was fine.  YAY!  BUT…my thyroid isn’t working properly, just as we predicted.  So, I now have to take a pill, for what may be the rest of my life.

While it could be worse and at least I don’t have to make drastic changes to my lifestyle like I would with diabetes (well, not that drastic since we did adopt most of the things I had to do already)…now I just feel old.  I feel old because I am on my first “maintenance drug” and I am not even 33 yet.

BUT..on the plus side this should help me with a lot of my ills.  I hope so…I am sick of feeling like shit and having no energy.  She said a week I should to see some improvement…in 8 weeks I have to go back and be tested to see if they need to up my dosage or if I am good.

We will see…



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2 responses to “This Just In..

  1. Hang in there, Sandy. I’ve been on thyroid replacement therapy for years, and you will feel better. I don’t even think about taking the pill anymore, I’ve been taking it for so long. It actually will make you feel younger, once your thyroid levels get back to normal. 🙂

    I’m just glad they figured out what is wrong, and that it is not something which can’t be easily handled. I’ve been worried about you, girlfriend.

    • That is my only issue…remembering to take the pill. I am actually trying to get DH to give it to me before he leaves for work in the morning around 6…so I don’t have to jump up and remember to take it before I eat something on accident! The only issue may be on the weekends when we don’t get up early, but I think I will eventually find a middle ground. I am also looking forward to feeling better. I am sick of feeling run down all the time, makes me depressed because I have a hard time getting enough energy just to do what HAS to be done that day. I haven’t felt like myself in a while so I am excited to be able to have energy to play with my kids again! DH didn’t realize that when I said that after 5 minutes of any kind of activity I was exhausted and tired I meant it and that I wasn’t just being lazy! Now he feels bad for thinking that! LOL

      I already feel a tiny bit better after a week…so I can’t wait for when we make sure the dose is right and I am feeling much better.