Priceless – Nobody Is Happy

I got my newsletter from Lama Marut today.  There were a few interesting things in it, the first thing I want to put here though is the YouTube Video:

Just isn’t much I can add to that.

Now, on to the rest…

According to Scientific American, you can meditate your way to being more compassionate and empathetic.  I think this is important because I have come across many people who have claimed that they can’t be empathetic or compassionate to some people because they haven’t lived that kid of life…however this article proves other wise.  It makes sense to me since I have become more compassionate, myself, since I started learning Buddhism and studying Lama Marut’s teachings.

Also in the newsletter was an article talking about how the death rate of the world is holding steady at 100%.  Not a whole lot I can add to this one either…every insightful though and I totally agree with it.

Anyway, that is all I can pull out of my brain for today.  I have a lot of housework to get to and I feel like I actually have energy today to get some of it done.



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3 responses to “Priceless – Nobody Is Happy

  1. matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. wonker

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

    [Yea…spread it to the guy below that decided to spam the same website here thinking I wouldn’t (or maybe hoping I wouldn’t?) catch it.]

  3. watcat

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

    [It is interesting that this comment as well as the one above it all had the same website offering free groceries…but different people/emails. Unfortunately for you guys, I deleted the link.]