Flower Gardens = Happiness

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I was searching for a subject to blog about when it just occurred to me to write about gardens.  Not so much a vegetable garden, but a flower garden.

My first step-mother died the year I turned 15 of cancer.  I will always remember her flower gardens.  I don’t have any pictures of them, but I remember how beautiful they were.  She had a cauldron (yep the kind associated with witches) that was flowing with pansies.  She also had two flower beds, one on each side of a path in between the house and the garage.  I remember when you would start on the path there were elephant ears on either side as well as cocks combs and lambs ears.  I remember the lambs ears the most because they were fuzzy.

I also remember the flower garden at The Hermitage in Nashville, TN.  It is called Rachel’s garden as it was Rachel Jackson’s pride and joy.  It was always so wonderful in the spring as it was full of flowers of all kinds, most from her day.

I have always wanted a flower garden.  For some reason they make me happy.  I like seeing the smiling flowers of all colors as they look up to the sun.  Bees busily buzzing around the blooms for their gifts to take back to the rest of the bees.  I like to see the butterflies as well flitting about here and there for the sweetness they give.  Occasionally, if I am lucky, I will even see a tiny humming bird.

Flower gardens to me are the epitomy of balance.  Everything has to have the right balance for the flowers to grow and bloom.  Everything from the insects that call the plants their home or food right down to the very soil.

They are also the perfect symbol of life for me.  The flowers thrive in the spring and winter, start to die in the fall and lay dormant in the winter to be reborn again in the spring.  And even when things look bleak, when it doesn’t seem like there is any hope, there is always a plant that will grow…even if it is a weed!  LOL

Plants look very happy too.  I like to look at flowers.  They help me out of my depression I get from time to time.  I have just now started to really have any plants.  One of them isn’t doing so well though I am getting some advice from my sister on what to do and what new plants to get.  My goal is to have a tiny flower garden outside my back door.  It is an apartment so it can’t be too much, but something pretty that I can look outside and enjoy is plenty for me.

One day I will have a garden.  And when I smile at it, it will smile back.


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