I Guess I Am Just Not Mainstream…

But this ad that I saw on my MySpace page totally grossed and freaked me out:

Click to make bigger.

Click to make bigger.

Now, I realize on the surface you are wondering what the big deal is.  The big deal is the chick in the picture.  That looks more like a LEG than a body.  Do people REALLY want to look like that?



I admit…I am overweight by about 70 lbs.  Having 2 kids can do that to a woman’s body especially when said kids really don’t allow for any real exercising to  get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  I also admit that I do want to lose at least 40 lbs to be closer to where I was when I got married to DH.

But I do NOT want to look like that chick in the ad.  I realize that they probably Photoshopped the image to make it look like a huge difference.  What I don’t understand is why.  It is obvious that the person was already thin to begin with.  Why didn’t they just stick her in way over sized jeans?

Instead of thinking, “Wow, I need to look at that diet!” I am thinking, “Wow, they need to give that person some meat and potatos!”


Anyway, that is my post and vent for today.  It fits right in with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week too.  I just can’t believe that they are using that for advertising.


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