Boy Meets Girl

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.  They didn’t know each other at all and actually lived in different parts of the country. The boy lived up North and the girl lived down South.

When the boy was a teenager, he moved out West to live with someone he met online. He graduated high school there and at some point started playing an online game called Everquest. In the game he created a guild and recruited members…all the time oblivious to the girl in the South.  One day, he decided he was tired of living there and moved back home.

In the meantime the girl had also graduated high school and soon after got married, but never had any children. One day her husband found the game Everquest and introduced her to it.  While playing the game she met a member of the boy’s guild and joined thinking she could have other people to play the game with.  All this time she was oblivious to the boy in the North.  One day, she decided she was unhappy in her marriage and left.  Shortly afterward she moved farther South to another state to try to start a new life.

Not long after the girl moved farther South the boy logged into Everquest looking for someone to talk to.  His sister and friend were just in a car accident and he was upset since both were injured.  It just so happened that the girl happened to be the only person in his guild logged into Everquest as well.  Even though she had been online for quite sometime, she stayed online so he could have someone to talk to about his sister and friend.

While they spoke, they realized how much they had in common.  They both liked the sames things and had the same sense of humor.  They traded phone numbers and called each other soon afterward.  From then on they called each other at least once a day, no matter that it was long distance. Time moved on and soon the girl’s divorce was granted.  It was decided that it was time to meet in person.

First meeting

The boy bought a plane ticket to see the girl down South.  He got to the airport and got on the plane and then the unthinkable happened.  All the oxygen masks fell down!  So, the airport people decided to take everyone off the plane to repack the masks.  Little did boy & girl know that this would be a sign of what was to come!

Finally, after 12 hours when the flight was supposed to take 2, boy makes it to girl’s state and meets her at her place of work.  She was able to see him first and she thought he kinda looked like a drowned rat and thought it was kind of sad, though knowing he had a right to look terrible after the horrible day he had with trying to get down there!  The girl called out the boy’s name and when he saw her, his face lit up.  He ran to her and kissed her.

By the end of that year the girl decided to move up North to be with the boy.

2 years later they were married…the day after a hurricane.

The rest is history.



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3 responses to “Boy Meets Girl

  1. His parents are insane…he was only supposed to visit…but he stayed…and yea, they let him. Their philosophy is they couldn’t stop him but I sure as hell would have kicked his ass back to PA if he was my kid! The girl…no…woman…was 26 years old!

  2. Very cool. So he really moved to another state when he was in high school? His parents let him? Of course I’m sure there were some times when I was a teen(like the years between 13-18 my parents wanted to ship me off somewhere).