OH, Look! A friend!

So.  I joined MySpace and Facebook.  I’m not happy about it since I have my hand full with Babyhead and Podling and this blog…not that I blog every day or anything, but I do spend a lot of time THINKING of blogging…right?  Anyway…

I joined the social networking monsters in hopes of finding old friends from years ago.  And I did!  how about that.  A girl that was in color guard with me found me.  😀  Yay!  I felt bad though because even though I recognized the name I could’nt remember her face.  That is when I realized it has been FIFTEEN YEARS since I graduated high school!  OMFG.

That made me think about how much a lot of people hated high school.  The first year for me was tough…but my home life wasn’t exactly the best.  My mom had decided to move us all around forever and I we had been in the same town for about 3 years…I figured that they would pack us up and move us again soon.

My sophomore year was a bit better as I had made some friends in color guard the year before and was settling into school.  Of course this is after I told my mother I didn’t want to move and I would find someone to let me live with them so I could graduate high school in the same school I started.

After the first year I loved high school.  I loved learning and stayed on honor roll or principal’s list.  It was a way to get away from home and I love being in color guard.  We went on trips during the summer and winter so we were always busy.  I miss it.

I miss the closeness we had back then.  I remember sleeping on cold school floors over the weekend for a 2 day guard competition.  I remember changing clothes in the bus for summer band competitions…sweating like a whore in church. I remember slipping on wet turf during some football halftimes.  I remember  hating my band shoes because they had to be tight and they hurt my feet.  I also remember being grateful when we got new uniforms and my hair didn’t get caught in the stupid sequined vest we had to wear.

I still have my band jacket with all my patches.  I was actually sad when the lining finally gave out and I couldn’t wear it anymore. When I look back, my high school years were some of the best years of my life.

I also loved school.  Most of my teachers were great, except for my Spanish teacher.  Both of my English teachers were  wonderful as my Child Developement & Housing and Interiors teachers were great.  I still spoke to my CD teacher for a long time after.  I love my art teacher too.  She made me wish I had taken more art classes!

I remember flannel shirts and cut up jeans and lots of spandex.

I remember cassette tapes and the “new” individual serving tuna kits.

I remember British Knights and you were cool if you had a CD player in your car.

I remember good times.

Real good times.



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5 responses to “OH, Look! A friend!

  1. Hi Elf! I think I did send you an invite on MySpace…but I could have canceled it if I thought that you weren’t online…you didn’t seem online much the past weeks and I didn’t know what was going on…I will invite again though. 🙂

  2. Hiya, Les and Sandy. 🙂

    24 years? I’ve been out of high school for almost 30 years. Argh, that makes me feel really old.

    I don’t do Facebook because I don’t like their TOS, but if you want to send me a MySpace request, feel free. Just make sure you put in the request who you are, so I’ll know. The url is myspace.com/ followed by my nick (shocking, I know). If you play any of the games on there, send me a request and I’ll happily join your mafia/vampire coven/whatever, LOL.

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  4. Les

    15 years? I wish it was only 15 years for me. Instead it’s 24 years. Yeesh.