Ok, I am calling Bulls*it on this one…

Today it is over 60 degrees.  Today I also have 3 very large blankets/comforters that need to be washed.  Our complex only has ONE large washer and ONE large dryer for the whole complex just for things like…oh, I don’t know…BLANKETS.

So, I decide to take my largest comforter to the washer and take a walk for 30 minutes while it washes, then put it in the dryer for the hour it takes and in the meantime take Babyhead to the playground…then pick up the comforter and then decide if I want to do my other 2 blankets.

I get there, put my blanket in.  Set my timer, then take a walk.  We actually end up spending 15 minutes at the playground and then I realize that Podling hasn’t had any lunch.  So, plan B is put the blanket in the dryer then go home, give her lunch, then get the blanket out of the dryer when it is ready, THEN go back to the playground.

The timer goes off, we walk to the laundry room…and by god of there isn’t a woman in there putting TWO washers worth of clothes in the ONLY LARGE DRYER …. even though it is obvious that there is a BLANKET IN THE BIG WASHER.  I aks, “OH, you are using the big dryer?”  She says yes and continues to put her s*it in.  I tell babyhead that we have to wait an HOUR because our blanket WON’T FIT IN THE LITTLE DRYER.  Babyhead starts to cry because we can’t dry the blanket (not sure where that came from) and the woman just keeps on.

Now, I could understand if I has just gotten there and didn’t have anything to wash.  I also understand first come first served.  But I still think it was inconsiderate of that woman to use the big dryer when it was obvious someone would need it soon, and even then not even offer to transfer her stuff to the little dryers so I could dry my blanket after she found out I was there to use it.



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