A uterus isn’t the only thing I have…

I also have a brain.  And I use it quite often for things other than just filling up that empty cavity in my head. I know what you are thinking, “What the hell are you talking about, Sandy?”  I am talking about the way people, in general, make women out to be responsible for many of the world’s woes.

For example.  When people talk about how to lower teen sex and pregnancy…they talk about educating girls.  When people talk about children, only the mother’s are mentioned.  When people talk about sex, it is the woman’s fault for having it.  When people talk about religion they talk about how women should obey ans submit.

A man raped a woman?  She looked too sexy and asked for it.  A woman is fat?  She should lose weight so she is more attractive to men.  Kids going wild?  The mom should have stayed at home and done more mothering.  Kid too timid?  The mom shouldn’t have mothered him as much.  Husband cheated on her?  She should have been nicer and put out more.  Husband abusive?  She should have just did as she was told.

So, now you are asking what started this rant.

I was reading an article about the recently born octuplets.  Apparently the woman has 6 other children at home.  Someone had the opinion that this woman was soo wrong to have these kids since she already had 6 others and assuming that this woman would be unable to otherwise care for her children.

I agree with the basis of this, since these kids were born prematurely and a few can’t even breathe on their own, it isn’t right that we, as a nation, will have to help pay for the care of these children because she went ahead with a fertility option that she knew could end up this way.  It wasn’t by nature’s choice she had 8 babies…it was her/her family’s choice.

However…the commenter went on to explain that WOMEN need to be made aware of the consequences of THEIR sexual actions.  That WOMEN need to think before they have sex.  That WOMEN need to be held responsible.


You know…it takes a man and a woman to make babies.  Either the natural way or through treatments.  Why is the woman the one that is always put to blame?  No, I don’t agree with fertility treatments that will end up in huge multiple births.  It is dangerous for the babies and the moms.  However…this woman is apparently married and therefore I have a hard time thinking this is ALL her fault.  Why isn’t the dad being taken to task?  He could have stepped up and said no.  He could have stepped up and said he didn’t agree with, and not go through with, the treatment.

The same goes for women who get pregnant the traditional way.  Why do we need to always educate women and girls?  What about men and boys?  Why not make it where the male of the species has to take actual responsibility in raising their own young?  People assume that the women are harlots…but you have no clue what the men told these women to get them in bed.  They may have promised them marriage and security only to find out later all he wanted was to get laid.

In short…stop putting all the blame and responsibility on the women.  We are not keepers of the world.  You also can’t be responsible for everything and yet be responsible for nothing.  It isn’t all our fault. Teach your daughters AND your sons to take responsibility for their all actions.

Stop using the female of our species as a scapegoat for everyone else’s irresponsibility.


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