Ew, That Is So Gross…

So, everyone knows we are a gamer family.  DH and I even met on a online MMORPG.  Therefore, it stands to reason that we are game addicts, if you will.  Hell, we even buy games  for each other for Christmas or even anniversary gifts!

Now, we aren’t the kind that sit in front of the computer day in and day out and do nothing but play games.  That would be a very boring life not to mention we would end up losing our children to the State for neglect.  But we do make sure to take some time out now and again to play a game especially if it is together.

Usually we try to play on the weekends when the kids are asleep, that way no one is bothered in any shape, way, form, or fashion (sometimes this is the only “us” time we get that isn’t …well…you know.).  If we play while the kids are awake we try to only play for an hour or so per day so they still have plenty of parent time.

I know I had spoken before about my Warcraft addiction.  DH and I actually bought a copy for each other a few Christmases ago as well as the expansions that go with it.  Sad to say, but we may be on our way out of playing it.  After 2 years and grinding our way to lvl 70 …and the hope that we may be one of “those” players that have great stuff…only to be met this past year with the option of 10 more levels we are just worn out.

We just don’t have another 10 levels in us.  I have to say that instead of adding levels they just need to add more content.  Not eveyone has the time to just sit and play all day and grind and grind to get levels.

Anyway, on to my point.  We are probably going to cancel our accounts soon.  It is sad, I remember when I finally said goodbye to my EQ toon.  I was really sad because I actually enjoyed playing, but all the same power gamers took over and I couldn’t find anyone to just play the game with.  DH had cancelled his account long before I did.

However, World of Warcraft and EverQuest aren’t the only games we enjoy together.  For our anniversary one year we actually got Timesplitters 2…it is a first person shooter game.  Earlier last year DH bought and XBox and we borrowed all but the latest Halo games (also shooters).  We also play a lot of the Nintendo Mario games (Mario Kart is by far my fav).

But a few months ago DH bought Left 4 Dead on Steam.  It is a multi-player (online optional) shooter…but you get to shoot ZOMBIES!!  How totally cool is that?!  There are 4 campaigns that take about an hour to 2 hours to complete (that is assuming you aren’t having to start over all the time) depending on the difficulty.  I have to say, shooters are an awesome way to get out some stress…but this one is way cool.  We and a few friends fire up Skype and decide on a campaign and have fun.

There is also a Versus mode where you work with teams and one team is Zombie specials (they have special abilities) and the other is the human survivors.  You pick a campaign map and then alternate on the boards (one teams does the board and then when they either die or get to the end the other team has a chance) and whoever can make it to the end with the most points wins.  We have enough people that we do this once a week and whenever we feel like it.

Now, this game isn’t for the weak of stomach.   There are zombies running around after all.  However, some of the specials do some pretty gross things.  Boomers puke on you.  Smokers are like freakin’ frogs and grab you with their tongues.  Witches, Tanks, and Hunters just tear you to shreds (yes, there is a lot of blood involved).  BUT…there is great fun in shooting these down or beating them to death with the butt of your gun.

I just hope they can come out with some fresh new content soon else we will get bored and not have anything else to play!

That would be a damn shame.



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  1. LOL Nazi Zombies…nice.

  2. Les

    That’s a shame, but understandable. I got to a point where I decided I wasn’t going to allow others to dictate how I play the game. The guild I’m in on my primary server is pretty laid back so I don’t feel pressured to do anything most of the time. Hell, I was one of the first people to 80 and I wasn’t trying that hard. The guild I’m in on my Horde server (I have all Alliance on one and all Horde on another) is even more laid back as they don’t seem to be bothered by the long stretches between my visits to the server. 🙂 If you do end up going back then you’ll probably find the content in WotLK to be amazing.

    I haven’t played Left4Dead yet, but it’s on my wish list. I have been enjoying the Nazi Zombie co-op in Call of Duty World at War though.

  3. Les

    With regards to WoW you said:

    We just don’t have another 10 levels in us. I have to say that instead of adding levels they just need to add more content. Not eveyone has the time to just sit and play all day and grind and grind to get levels.

    I just wanted to say that there’s really nothing stopping you from taking your time and enjoying the path from 70 to 80. Just because the hardcore kids are tearing through the content doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. I have my main to 80 already, but I wasn’t one of the first and I made sure to read every quest that was given to me.

    I say this only because the new content in WotLK is easily the most amazing they’ve done so far so if it’s new content you want then you should check it out and just not worry about the fact that there’s another 10 levels to climb through. In fact you’ll probably be dinging without realizing it cause some of the quest lines are so very cool. For example the whole Wrathgate quest line will have you interacting with the Lich King (one of many times you’ll do so) and taking on a siege of the Undercity and doing some other very cool things. The daily quests are some of the most unique I’ve done as well. One of the dailies I do now involved harpooning a drake so he’ll come down and grab you, then you have to cling to his stomach and jab him repeatedly with your spear as you tries to claw you off until you piss him off enough that he tries to chomp you to death. At that point you have to keep wedging his jaw open until you can shove the spear down his throat. All of that while he’s flying around the zone you’re in.

    Coolest. Daily. Quest. Ever.

    Anyway, if you need a break then go ahead and take one, but don’t let the new expansion discourage you as it’s way cooler than anything that’s come before. You can always come back later. It’s not like I’ve not quit for awhile and then signed back up when the itch came back.

    • We talked about doing just that…but it is just getting monotonous at the moment. Here we were thinking all we had to do was save money for epic mounts and better gear and then everything changes. Almost everyone we come across now is more into power gaming and most of our guild has left because we weren’t leveling fast enough. Basically it is only DH and I left that really play with the exception of a few friends who are in other guilds and therefore more willing to do fulfill their obligations there than help us out with things that we need help with.

      We aren’t into PUG groups for things like instances because we have had waay to many bad experiences with them and just would rather not make a run than deal with a bunch of complete strangers that would probably end up being spoiled brats anyway.

      We would change servers…but…they aren’t offering it free on ours first off, and second we only joined THAT server because a cousin and a few friends are on that server…it is a regular server where we would probably be more comfortable on a RP server.

      So, that is it. If it is just DH and I playing then we would really rather play another game like Left 4 Dead. 🙂 We may go back to it…but chances are we won’t. We never went back to any of them….EQ, Guild Wars, DAoC, Horizons…so I am sure WoW won’t be much different.