The Beatings Will Now Begin!

Last night I sent DH to the store to pick up a few things we needed as well as pick up a few sodas for dinner (we have all but completely cut out sodas from our diet).  We were having Tacos and I thought that something fizzy would be good.  DH brought home 2 Dr Peppers (one for each of us) and a Root Beer (for Babyhead).  I have to say here that I L O V E Dr Pepper.

I make the tacos, then eat the tacos and drink about half of my 20oz Dr Pepper.  I thought…hmm…half a bottle is a serving size so I will save the other half for tomorrow.  Sounds good right?  I put it in the fridge and notice that DH has put the rest of his in there as well.  I also notice that his has considerably LESS than mine.  I thought that I would just tuck mine out of the way but I still had this feeling that he would take mine…

I got up this morning to get Babyhead something to drink and sure enough DH took my half of a Dr Pepper and left me with his quarter one.  WTF.  So, now I am mad.  I woulnd’t have made a big deal if they were close to the same amount full…but no.  He drank most of his then the rest of mine!!

I call him up and he tells me that it was HIS!!!  He said, “I put mine in the corner.”  Yes, you did dipwad on the OTHER SIDE.  Then…THEN he has the nerve to tell me that I could just have his.

The one with less than half of what I had in mine.

Maybe enough for one gulp…maybe two if I am lucky.

And this is fair how??

I tell him he had better come home with me a fresh FULL Dr Pepper.  I swear I am going to have to label my stuff that I intend on consuming the next day…or just put a padlock on the fridge.  How dare he take my Dr Pepper!!!  When I am unable to just go out and get me another one!!!

Oh, it is on…



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5 responses to “The Beatings Will Now Begin!

  1. I can so relate. Of course for us it is fighting over the Dublin Dr Peppers. The DP bottlers in Dublin Texas is the original bottlers and the only one that still uses real sugar and not corn syrup. When we go home we bring cases of the stuff back with us. Oh, I wrote a post last year about my love of DP.

  2. That is just too funny. I don’t have to worry about that since DH hates Dr Pepper (and I love it). He calls it prune juice and will go thirsty rather than drink it (he likes Coke, and I can’t stand it, unless it’s cherry Coke). Teh soda warz, dey iz on!

  3. One gulp is SUCH a tease. Ugh.