Walmart Sucks – Post Holiday Vent Edition

Example One: My father, bless him, always gets everyone Walmart gift cards for Christmas.  I don’t think he realizes how much we H A T E Walmart.  And this year, it was even worse.  In trying to find Babyhead and Podling something to get them with their gift cards (the idea was to buy stuff to put under the tree from my dad and his wife) their selection of anything was horrid.  I don’t mean it was picked over…I mean they just didn’t have much worth buying.

Their toy selection was lacking so I went to their clothes for kids.  That was lacking too.  I was soo freaking mad!!  WTH?  Walmart is supposed to the best cheapest place to get “designer like” clothes and here they didn’t have ‘jack.

Example Two: MIL’s b-day is in December so we decided to get her a new tree skirt like ours (which was bought at Walmart a few years ago).  When we went to look, of course all they had was the cheapest ugliest decorations of all kinds and their selection, again, was horrid.  They had a ton of different Hanna Montanna stockings, but very few other decorations that amounted to anything.  Needless to say I was disappointed and pissed.  We ended up going to Sears (which they didn’t have a big selection either, but at least their stuff was quality.)

Example Three: Before and after the holidays I went to look to see what kinds of things they had on sale and decided to take a look at the LED lights.  They didn’t really have any selection at any time and even then they were all one color.  I didn’t see, at any time that I looked, the mulitcolored LED lights unless they were on a really tiny 20 light string.  So much for wanting to be economical.

The ILs were over last night and FIL and I were talking about the holiday selection of things and he theory is that they are building a big brand new Super Walmart down the road and he thinks they just didn’t want to have a lot of stock to move.  While it may be a valid theory, it is stupid if that is what they really did.

I know I wrote a post not long ago about how Target is my new favorite store.  They had all kinds of decorations (even if they were picked over, still a good selection) including quality tree skirts…I hate not being a little more proactive in getting DH to look there…Target also had totally cute kids clothes.  They would have also had all kinds of LED lights had I decided to get there sooner (it isn’t the easiest store to get to).

So, next year, off to Target I go for all my Holiday needs.  Walmart is officially off my list of stores to visit regularly since everything there I can get a better selection somewhere else.  Yea, I may pay more, but at least I can get what I want instead of having to settle for something inferior.




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7 responses to “Walmart Sucks – Post Holiday Vent Edition

  1. Way to go Walmart. We compiled a list of painful shopping experiences from unhappy W customers this week. Absolutely unbelievable.

  2. That is what you would think but it doesn’t work for us. You would think that our corperate office would realize we should have some stuff we don’t have.

  3. I actually believe the not having any control of shipments. We don’t. It doesn’t make sense but corperate decides what we will stock.

    • Yea, but if they call purchasing and tell them that they need something I am sure it will come in on a truck at some point during the MONTH not to mention I am sure purchasing probably has a computer program that monitors what stores need what being as big as Walmart is.

      This shit that they don’t stock things for a MONTH is a little ridiculous.

  4. I agree. The one close to us is HORRID. But we went there so we didn’t have to drive to a farther store. They never keep anything in stock either…you could go day after day for a month and they would never have restocked what you need. their excuse is they don’t control what is on the trucks. Bullsh*t..if they told the purchasing dept they needed more of something you know it would come in on one of the trucks.

    And the people that work at this one…OMG they are the worse employees ever. And they are the ones that are moving to the SWM. Whatever…like I said before, I will just go out of my way from now on to go to Target. They have everything I need and if not there is Home Depot or Lowe’s and Babies/Toys R Us for anything they don’t carry.

    I have to say, since ole Sam died Walmart has really gone downhill.

  5. Just because they’re building a Super WM doesn’t mean it will be any better, let me tell you. Our town has less than 4,000 population and they built a Super WM here. It has to be one of the most poorly stocked stores I’ve ever been in, and it’s not as big as the one 20 miles away where we shopped before they built this one. They don’t carry as wide a variety of stuff, and even if they did, they never order the crap when they run out of it (unless someone complains). And don’t even get me started on how they bag your purchases (cram as much as you can into those cheap little bags so they rip and dump your groceries, etc all over your driveway when you try to carry them in, and if you tell them not to cram the bags so full, they look at you like you’re nuts). DH tells them that there must be a shortage of bags since they are so stingy with them. I’ve complained and complained and complained about that, all they tell me is to buy those fabric bags to carry my groceries in (yeah, like I want to spend money on bags so they can cram them so full they’re too heavy to carry). Most of the time, we end up driving the 20 miles to the other Super WM just to get the things we need because their service is better, their selection is better, and they’re at least stocked most of the time (not to mention they have more than one or two check-out lanes manned at all times, ours, if you go after 5 p.m., you’re lucky if there are 2 checkers and you have to wait in long lines to check out and they won’t call for more checkers). Yeah, Wal-Mart sucks big time.

  6. The Big Guy will pay more somewhere else to avoid going to Wal-Mart.