I guess it was only a matter of time…

I logged into one of my many emails yesterday and found that someone must have either been spamming using my address (spoofing it actually, not using it) or they have been spamming me with the “failure notices” of emails to try to get me to click on the attachment.  I got almost 100 ‘returned’ emails yesterday! 

The good news is I only use that email to register for websites when I need an address.  It helps keep the spam out of my email address I actually do use.  Because of that I do have to log in to keep the spam in check.

I really wonder though, how cost effective it is to send out those spam advertisments.  I mean, I would like to think most people delete them or have some kind of spam block/filter on them…so how cost effective can it be when you are paying someone to spam thousands of people and maybe one person clicks on the link?

Of course, that has nothing to do with people who send out viruses…they are just lonely souls trying to cause mischief…but when you are trying to sell a product or service?  And these people obviously don’t do their homework since I get all kinds of adverts for Viagra and other ‘male enhancements”



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  1. I get those too, where the spam looks like it came from my email address. They usually go right into my spam box and I just hit ‘All’ and ‘Delete forever’. It’s a pain, but shows the desperation of spammers to get our attention.